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March 30, 2011


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Hello ! and Happy Wednesday! In the office with great music plying and opened my emails and noticed a bunch were questions on how a show house comes to reality!

Those are really good questions, and certainly ones that we designers, participating, ask ourselves over many cocktails!! Once you are asked, and of course say yes! the hard work really starts.  The other designers you are amongst, in my case with Kips Bay, some of the best talent in the country.  So immediately your thoughts go to what room, what time period, what does the venue look like and the adrenaline starts pumping and the vodka flowing!! Kidding, sort of.

So, when i went to look at the house, which is on East 63rd, I went through and fell in love with the “His” Master bathroom. So the choice was made and my first thought after that, was immediately to pick up the phone and simultaneously email Nancy Epstein, the President of Artistic Tile, Laura Steele the head of Public Relations and Lauren Cherkas, the Vice President.  With emails of OMG i need you to do this with me!

I have been in love with Artistic Tile for many years.  They are a very unique tile resource that has enormous capabilities, that they use to bring to market, the latest in tile designs, materials and color palettes that are amazing!  Tile is a very funny business that many of the companies look like each other.  So then price points come into play and to tell you the truth, I have never had that with Artistic Tile.  I consistently use them on every project, in fact a project that will be in East Coast Home and Design, the May issue, Which was shot by Durston Saylor is all of their materials.

So, in putting together a room for a show house, you have to treat the room as if you were working for a client and go from there.  tile being the biggest factor in this room, is were to begin!

I look forward to a great time! and please stop by and say hello!


March 29, 2011


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Ok, so I can honestly say that a dream of mine and a huge aspiration has come true!  when I got the invitation to be part of this year’s Show House, I could have been pushed over with a feather!

Kips Bay is an amazing organization and benefits the boys and Girls club.

Following is the mission statement:

Responding to community needs, the services provided at the Lucile Palmaro Clubhouse and ten outreach locations are based on the principles of behavioral guidance and are intended to promote the general health, educational advancement, character development and leadership potential of its members. Our responsibility is to provide these 6 to 18 year old boys and girls with the programs and activities that instill a sense of competence, a sense of belonging, and a sense of power and influence.

The mission of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is to improve and enhance the quality of life for all young people, with special emphasis on those who need us most between ages 6-18. Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club exists to assist as many young people as possible to realize and achieve their potential for growth and development and to attain the skills necessary to live and succeed in a complex world.

http://www.kipsbaydecoratorshowhouse.org/index.htm  This is the link to this year’s Show House and the designers that have been chosen and who have donated their talents and resources to this wonderful cause!

Have a wonderful day and I hope those of you that can attend stop by and say hello!

March 28, 2011


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Happy Monday! the weather is so stunning that it is so exiting to think summer is around the corner! Today’s post is on one of my favorite fabrics!


To Toile or not to Toile? Can you ever have too much toile?


Toile, oh my, I have loved this pattern and in fact have written about it before!

But it is having a comeback and can totally be considered part of my love affair with BOHO CHIC!

Toiles when used in black and white are super sophisticated, fun and even cutting edge.  I would not suggest a black and white toile for a Childs room, not even of teen years.  But toile is definitely a grown up pattern!

Toile in black and white can be paired with zebra rugs for a very hot looking guest bedroom!

Toiles in fact are not just for bedrooms! Start to think out of the box! They are great breakfast room fabrics and make super smart home offices and great study and playrooms for girls!

Have a wonderful start to the week! thanks for all the great emails I appreciate the feedback!



March 25, 2011


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Green thumbs or not!

I go with not! I have killed every tree I have ever put in my house and therefore never in any of my projects do you see any trees!

I am a major, did I say major advocate of fresh flowers and stick to one variety! I personally love Casa Blanca Lillies and have them in my house every week.  the scent is to die for.  I promise you, even if you are not good at arranging flowers, just use one variety and lots!! Now, a lot of people say that, that gets to be expensive having the florist come each week.  But if we are talking about weekly, let me tell you ,Whole Foods has gorgeous flowers! And so does Trader Joes.  In fact, local super markets are getting in on it.  The trick to making the flowers look so good, is buy one type and several bunches.  It could be several bunches of Eucalyptus and it will work

So, those of you saying, you have big corners and what to do with them? Antique pots, that are glazed, are a beautiful decorative items and can be found at many different price points.  Just because it is a pot, do not feel you must pot it!

I would rather spend more dollars on fabric and run drapery wall to wall, then stop the drapery to put a pot and kill yet another tree.  Unless you have a green thumb, or a fabulous plant service don’t do it.

Also, in regards to silk flowers or trees?

My answer is no.  But a lot of lemons or oranges, limes or persimmons, much better to go for shots of color using real.  I know the silk looks real, but its not.  And it doesn’t really do anything for great design.

Some examples of things that will give you color without having to take the fake plant road!

Hav e Wonderful Weekend!

West Week was Amazing! there are wonderful new products that have come to market and fabulous new textiles!



March 23, 2011


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Night tables!

Happy Wednesday!

Although today’s topic may seem like a simple one, trust me it is not! I have been helping clients lately to understand that the look of a table without a drawer seems like a very hip idea, but the reality of it is ,it really doesn’t work!

A client of mine, whose home we are renovating in California at the beach, had skirted tables in her master bedroom , before me, and she was showing me how clever it was that she had baskets under the tables for all of her things she liked to have by her bed at night.

Her husband is 6’3 she is5’5 so their reach factor is way different.  When I asked how that worked for her in the middle of the night, she had to admit she has fallen out of bed trying to retrieve something in the middle of the night! Ok, so tell me that sounds like fun!

So, please, always err on the side of function. A lot of times we see things in magazines that look fabulous, but keep in mind, when we designers shoot a project we often take fun little liberties and forsake function for a picture!

So invest the time in finding the night table that fits your lifestyle.  I have posted tables from my favorite projects and then some!




March 22, 2011


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Hello! Sorry the post is a bit late today! we have been working feverishly on the two showhouses to meet the time line! and Kips Bay is weeks away!

Today’s post is on one of my most favorite vendors!  Holly Hunt!

There had been so much speculation that the loss of Christian Liagre was going to cause a lot of turmoil, but, in fact it did no such thing.

Holly not only has her own amazing collection but has some of the most sought after furniture lines, such as Troscan, which is a huge resource for me, along with incredible lighting from Allison Berger, soils Bentencourt and others.

I am madly in love with a line that she has called Christian Augustuveille! All the furniture is made in rope and is the most sophisticated and sexy pieces that you could find! I am using one in the show house in Deal!

Another amazing collection Holly has is Marion Jamison and in fact I have a stunning light fixture in my breakfast room by her! Joe Jeup also has pieces with Holly and will do gorgeous custom pieces!

If you are a designer in town for West Week this week, you must stop by Holly’s showroom and see all of the new things!

Have a great day!


March 21, 2011


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Sitting areas in a bedroom!

That’s today topic as I am working with a particular client, where we are going through the design process of how to decide whether to do a chaise or a sofa or club chairs with ottomans in their master bedroom.

If you are considering having a seating area in your bedroom, really give it some thought as to how you would really like to use it.  A great way to consider this, is if you were to stay in a hotel room that has the sitting room within the confines of the bed, do you ever enjoy to sit there and read a book or watch television?

I never thought I would ever use a sitting room in my bedroom, as by the end of the day I feel like I am lucky, if I am still standing and not literally crawling into bed!

But what I have come to realize is that by taking thirty or so minutes to unwind before actually getting into bed and sitting down, I am finding either a chaise or club chair with an ottoman to be most relaxing!

Don’t immediately run to thinking that a sofa is a solution.  So many projects that we are redecorating right now have had sofas that we are disposing of ,as the clients tell me that they never sat in the sofa because they did not enjoy putting their feet up on a table that was uncomfortable.  So consider the use and the beauty will follow!

Have a marvelous Monday! I am in Arizona and it is cold and windy and rainy! What a great Treat!!!


March 18, 2011


Freestanding bathtubs !

Take me away Calgon  has an entirely new meaning today! Bathtubs have become the major focal point in most master baths and no longer are cast iron!

The use of modern shapes that really  have no geometric name that we learned in tenth grade geometry, are becoming  a very strong  statement in the world of bathing.

I am working on a project that is very traditional  and have in fact  chosen a wonderfully strange shaped tub from Victoria and Albert, that I am absolutely smitten with!

When working in a traditional style don’t limit yourself to thinking that a tub has to always  be a classical shape.  Explore your comfort zone with modern shaped  tubs and you will be pleasantly surprised  that they have  a huge ability to crossover and give an otherwise expected bathroom a pop of hip!

There is another great company to explore called WET.  They have incredible tubs and in fact I used one in my bathroom.

Kalista is another tub, the model shown from a project I did, that you could put anywhere. Which brings up another point! Don’t be afraid or tied to the old school thought that all the plumbing has to line up against the walls.  Explore with taking the major  element, a bathtub or a shower or pairing up the sinks and place them   in the middle of the room. Now, obviously I don’t feel that way about the commode, but Marcel Duchamp did have a fabulous  opinion about  the urinal!

Have a great weekend!,

Thanks for reading


March 17, 2011


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I have always loved Anne Tyler’s books.  From the Accidental Tourist to Breathing Lessons, her characters stay with me and have as if they were acquaintances.

I have just recently finished reading NOAH”S COMPASS and thought it a wonderful novel.  In this story, Tyler’s protagonist is Liam Pennywell.  A lonely and defeated, self-effacing to a fault man.  The story begins with Liam waking up in a hospital bed, his head bandaged, with no idea of how he came to be there.  The burglar may not have made off with any of Liam’s material possessions, but he hit him hard enough to obliterate a few hours’ worth of his memory.

If you are a fan of Tyler’s work you will love this book! and if you are new to her Novels you won’t be disappointed!


Stop by tomorrow!


March 16, 2011


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When to use a full length drapery rod and when to highlight the windows individually!

The question of when is the right time to use a full length drapery rod comes up all the time.  Of course there is no totally correct answer,

but I like to use simple rules and guidelines to figuring this out.

Also, when is the right time to use a drapery rod and rings and when is the right time to use an almost invisible rod?

The same train of thought can continue to the proper pleats to use when designing your draperies and the style of drapery you are going for.

Don’t feel bad, or confused,  even those of us that work with this every day have to go through the same design process.

So let’s get started!

Full length drapery rods are great, when you want what’s in front of the drapes, to be more highlighted and the seating area pronounced.  This is also good for spaces that are not necessarily terribly large.

I have pictured a dining room and you can see by using a bright color with a beautiful table and multiple different sets of chairs, I wanted to drapery to accent the furniture.

In the master bedroom shown, I created a moulding valance which is a great and inexpensive trick to hide drapery tracks.

Here, where I was aggressive in putting the bed in front of the window, I needed two sets of window coverings.  So, by hiding the tracks, I could create a very romantic and focused look at the master bed.

In a small guest bedroom, where I wanted the feeling to be intimate and had two sets of windows, instead of one track to create the effect I chose to use a padded decorative valance.  This valance being singular is a more intimate look.

There are times when you want to highlight each window and have a valance made for each one.  I am in fact doing that with the show house I am working on in Deal New Jersey.  The windows are rather close together and I am going for a look of high style and a lot of fun and drama.  So by annunciating each of the windows with their own valances I am  able to bring this in.

Invisible rods are great when working with a more tailored as well as a more modern look.  A French pleat will give you a more traditional look and is wonderful with about a five inch pleat.

A bullet pleat, creates what we think of as a ripple fold and is great as a crossover from traditional to modern.

A true ripple fold is a wonderful pleat to use with modern!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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