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June 29, 2011


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Happy Wednesday! I received a couple of emails yesterday in regards to the Kips Bay Show House Bathroom that I designed.

The emails were in regards to using very luxurious bath fixtures in very modern settings. the most interesting thing about the emails, were they were exactly the feedback I received while attending the Show House.  Everyone was in love with the idea of Gold faucets and accessories and the idea of not only gold but the more formal and luxurious style of fittings.

To me the faucets have the potential to add that dash of glamour, that ability to evoke feelings of being away in a magnificent bathroom.

The fixtures that I used were in fact SHERLE WAGNER fixtures and another fabulous company that you should

definitely look at that I use as well is P.E. GUERIN

There is another wonderful company called COMPAS STUDIO that has some exquisite faucets and bath accessories.

When you are working with the design style of lets say a classical modern or even modern, think about bringing in almost

an exact opposite style with door hardware, faucets, accessories.  The juxtaposition will give you that bit of luxury and surprise element!

Have a wonderful day!



June 28, 2011


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Today’s blog is all about ENCAUSTIC TILES-, So a very fancy name for stunning concrete tiles.  

Why? Because ENCAUSTIC is back in a big way-So if you are thinking

about a great floor for an entry or a hallway, actually these tiles are wonderful anywhere, but the reason

in  mentioning  the Entry and the Hallway-is that by using ENCAUSTIC tiles, you are bringing in so much dimension and visual texturing

that it is a wonderful way to add a ton of powerful design.

Encaustic tiles are also known by the name of inlaid tiles.  The word ENCAUSTIC describes an inlaid tile of two

or more colors.  The term originally described a process of painting with a beeswax-based paint that was then fixed with heat.

Ann Sacks has some gorgeous examples as does Exquiste Surfaces.




June 27, 2011


Filed under: stephane calais — Tags: , — jherzlinger @ 3:31 pm

The past couple of months were so exciting with the Kips Bay Show House and being part of the

Top Twenty Designers with Tradtional Home, that one weekend, I treated myself to a weekend in Pairs! Why not? Right! After all,

Paris is a hop over the water from New York!

So! I stayed in a great boutique hotel that Phillipe Starck designed called The Royal Monceau!  They have the coolest glam restaurant called Le Cuisine.

That’s where looking up at the ceiling sometimes pays off! Placed on the ceiling were the most gorgeous pieces of art, which by the way, this hotel actually boosts an insane collection!

But the artist on the ceiling is Stephane Calais! WOW! Is a total understatement.

He is quite well known in Europe and especially France and his work is actually quite well respected and collected!

There is a fabulous gallery in New York that I found called ZIEHER SMITH that represents Stephane.

Mais Oui! I have been in touch with them as I must own one of his works immediately!

Here is their link http://www.ziehersmith.com/




June 23, 2011


Filed under: Faye Heller — Tags: , — jherzlinger @ 5:33 pm

I am planning a trip to

Florence and was researching some hotels I may want to stay at, and upon doing so, found some images

that I fell in love with!  And after doing some digging came to learn that the artwork I am so in love with is that of FAYE HELLER!

A British Artist whose love of photomontage and her talents in photomontage are in-compreble!

(This is an excerpt from her bio from Bentley Publishing Group)

“Faye Heller’s captivating work takes the indices of the physical world and splits them up, mixes and multiplies referents to produce cool, seductively smart photomontage.

There’s always an element of intrigue, of cinema enigma, that recalls film noir, while the crisp black and white imagery also owes something to the French New Wave, as when she is juxtaposing a staircase and a woman’s eyes to invoke “The Start of Fiction”.

enjoy Faye’s work, here is a link to her website!


Have a great day!



June 22, 2011


Filed under: IZNIK Tiles — Tags: , — jherzlinger @ 4:28 pm

I am currently working on designing bathrooms for a beach house in Southern California.

And the style of the house is Mediterranean. In my sourcing for the bathrooms, as I find that sourcing is very inspirational and a great way to design bathrooms especially! I have seen an incredible trend in Exotic Tiles  that are replicas from The Iberian peninsula.

In particular a decorative tile that is called IZNIK , which was a city in Turkey. IZNIK, which is a very old town, was first established in 310 B.C.

The history of the city is pretty fascinating in as much that it lies in a basin at an end of Lake IZNIK, bounded by ranges of hills to the north and the south, which made it a perfect fortress of a city that made all  attempts to reach it very difficult.

Throughout the history, IZNIK, which was famous with its pottery, remained as an import center of trade on the road to the east from Istanbul.

During the Ottoman sovereignty, the pottery art of IZNIK influenced the European arts and all ottoman handcrafts became famous and demanded

Decorative tiles have been around for centuries and archeologists can actually date spans of time based on the tiles they may come across.

Think about all of the gorgeous medieval mosques and all of the stunning palaces in Turkey and Portugal.

I was in Ann sacks and actually came across some gorgeous examples of this sort of tile. The price point is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if used  wisely, can make the project or the room stunning!

Have a wonderful day!



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