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October 31, 2012


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I have always been a huge fan of photography as it captures moments in time and suspends them.  Adam Fuss contines with that thought and uses a very old

process that was at one  time in vogue called daguerreotype.  Which sounds too involved but is really an easy explanation.  Daguerreotype means -an early

photographic process with the image made on a light

sensitive silver-coated metallic plate.

In celebration of halloween, I thought these images were very ghost like and appropriate as halloween kicks off our Fall Season!

Born in London, Fuss grew up in rural England. Interested in his naturalistic surroundings, he began documenting them through photography. Fuss lives and works in

New York City and has shown extensively internationally since his first solo exhibition in New York in 1985. His work is distinctive for its contemporary re- interpretation of

photography’s earliest techniques, particularly the daguerreotype and the camera-less photogram. Fuss states that in order for any photographic technique to work, it should be

personalized and transfigured into a greater metaphor, engaging processes that take place in the natural world. 

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