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January 30, 2012


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I recently was introduced to the work of Allan D’Arcangelo-I immediately fell in love with his work! I have always been enamored of pop art-given the time-the sociological implications of pushing art this way-all of it.

I was not familiar with his work until recently and wanted to bring him to your attention.  You will see a lot of other artists inspirations in his paintings, which all seem, oddly enough to have been influenced by similar influences.

To think about the commitment you have to have to a subject, much like an author on a topic.  

Have a great day!

Enjoy the post!



Allan D’Arcangelo began his studies interested in history and government, but eventually switched to art. He was born in Buffalo, New York in 1930.  he is best known for his paintings of the highway,

which he bagan in 1963.  These paintings, typically flat planes with a perspectival highway extending into the distance.  Often the highway was surrounded by the logos of gas stations and other highway signage,

floating, disembodied, on the background.  Early in his career, he made a name for himself as part of the pop movement, with works such as marilyn and madonna and Child.  some of the characteristics of pop are

retained in his highway paintings, particularly the use of popular brand name logos, and the expanses of flat color.  However, as the highway  paintings evolved, they moved away from Pop art.

D’Arcangelo’s paintings became much more abstracted, sometimes reduced to a stylized traffic barriers repeated at different angles. The most interesting part of the paintings are the contrasts: the flat picture plane

and the one point perspective highway receding beyond the picture plane,the real and the artificial as seen in the use of color, light and shape, and the abstract and representational.

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