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July 11, 2011


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Bathtubs and soaking are making a total comeback! Once considered a total time drain,

where most people were interested in just spending their time in amazing sowers, tubs are making a huge comeback.

I think this is a lot due in part to the IPAD actually.  The fact that one can sit and soak, have a cocktail and read the paper, shop or catch up on emails

has made the idea of soaking a very luxurious one!

I have always loved a tub and always have used a tub as a focal point in all of my bathroom design!  so if you are thinking about re designing your bathroom

start with where you would want to put a freestanding tub, then design around the tub and see where the floor plan takes you.

It is actually more interesting a floor plan then starting with the sinks.  Sometimes the best way to start a floor plan design is to do the opposite of what you think you ought to.




March 18, 2011


Freestanding bathtubs !

Take me away Calgon  has an entirely new meaning today! Bathtubs have become the major focal point in most master baths and no longer are cast iron!

The use of modern shapes that really  have no geometric name that we learned in tenth grade geometry, are becoming  a very strong  statement in the world of bathing.

I am working on a project that is very traditional  and have in fact  chosen a wonderfully strange shaped tub from Victoria and Albert, that I am absolutely smitten with!

When working in a traditional style don’t limit yourself to thinking that a tub has to always  be a classical shape.  Explore your comfort zone with modern shaped  tubs and you will be pleasantly surprised  that they have  a huge ability to crossover and give an otherwise expected bathroom a pop of hip!

There is another great company to explore called WET.  They have incredible tubs and in fact I used one in my bathroom.

Kalista is another tub, the model shown from a project I did, that you could put anywhere. Which brings up another point! Don’t be afraid or tied to the old school thought that all the plumbing has to line up against the walls.  Explore with taking the major  element, a bathtub or a shower or pairing up the sinks and place them   in the middle of the room. Now, obviously I don’t feel that way about the commode, but Marcel Duchamp did have a fabulous  opinion about  the urinal!

Have a great weekend!,

Thanks for reading


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