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January 1, 2011

A New Year – A New Space

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Let me start by saying Happy New Year! I know I have a good feeling about all 2011 has to offer. And with the idea of starting something new, today’s blog is about change – or changing spaces at least. This post is to really encourage you to take an inventory of the spaces in your home and see what works and what doesn’t. It might be time to convert that office you don’t use into a den with a sleeper sofa to accommodate one more guest during the holidays. Or maybe you are finding that the way you have the spaces organized in your home is inefficient for your actual lifestyle. A really common example is people who have designated rooms in their homes, but overtime one or more of those spaces just becomes a place for storage and renders it useless. Take advantage of all the space in your home! I made a post earlier about some organizational tips for people who are having to downsize. You don’t have to be downsizing to need a little cleanse and organization, and spring cleaning is just around the corner.

If you do decide to transform one of the spaces into something more usable, there are some simple design tricks to make that space feel more custom; like it was always meant to be that way. One example is using bookcases. No matter what space it is, free standing enclosed bookcases can be disguised as a built-in feature. Any room can use a bookcase and it makes the space appear permanently planned. If you are combining rooms for multiple functions, use features and furniture that have multiple uses. Put a gorgeous screen behind your sofa as wall ornament, and when the sofa becomes a bed you now have a unique headboard. There are many more examples that will come to you depending on your individual project. If you find that your space set up is in alignment with your lifestyle, at least consider purging your stuff for a clutter free start to the new year!

I don’t have many specific photo examples for this post so I think I will just post some gorgeous images that I have seen around the blogosphere:

Coco Kelly

The Glam Lamb

La Dolce Vita

Velvet and Linen

Aphro Chic – Thanks everyone for the great design blogs out there!

November 12, 2010

Bookcases – The Way They Transform our Homes

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Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.  ~Charles W. Eliot

Everyone knows how pleasing it is to curl up on a cloudy date with a cup of tea and good book in the winter. There is something about books that is rejuvenating because we are brought out of the constants of our lives and into a world of something new and exciting. From coffee table books to our favorites with bent spines to the books we bought and still intend to read some day – they are quiet teachers that we love to collect. Books do more than support our brains and well being – they add comfort to our homes. They always say you can tell a lot about a person by the books that he or she reads, and that is very true. The homes is really a place to showcase the books that so wonderfully represent us. The best  way to properly display a book is on a bookshelf. The misconception about bookshelves is that they can only be located in a library or office. That is certainly not true! Why hide away your little bits of knowledge – books are meant to seen and shared with others. My breakfast room has a bookshelf in it and people love it! It is full of books but also little treasures that are important to me that I like seeing every day. Keep that in mind when you decide to add a bookcase or revamp your existing. A bookcase is a display of things you love – don’t just fill it with books – fill it with memories!

Bookshelves, as you know, can be stationary or built in, and came be done is a variety of materials and finishes. A built in piece can make more of a statement, but stationary shelves are more accessible. If you decide to buy a book case, make sure it is the right thing for the size and style of your space. If you have a modern home don’t just go with a modern bookshelf. Measure the area it will fit in. Be aware of the heights of different furnishing pieces in your rooms and see if there is a height line that you can stay consistant with. Putting one next to a window? Consider buying two and flanking the window. And remember, you can always repaint, refinish or revamp any bookshelf that you that just doesn’t work with your home. Below are some examples of different ways that people have used bookcase – hopefully you can find some inspiration.

If you want your books to match a particular color scheme, re-wrap the covers with colored scrapbook papers.

Great detail shot of some little knick knacks that compliments books on a bookshelf.

OCD? That’s okay it still looks fabulous

I have always loved this idea of hanging art on the front of the bookcases. And remember – you can lay books horizontally as well as vertically.

Remember the post of accent walls? This is a PERFECT example of a unique accent wall.

Modern and crazy – I love it!

Simple, gorgeous.

Don’t have any books? (You should probably go buy some) But you can always to use a bookshelf to show off other things that are important to you, like your favorite dishware.

I hope everyone is enjoying Jamie Herzlinger’s design blog and happy Friday! I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. See you back on Monday.

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