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January 5, 2015


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I had the pleasure of running across a very whimsical artist named BRUCE McCALL.  I love James goodman Gallery and he carries his work.  Very light and happy in comparison to many of the artists Ilike to write about.

Sometimes its fun to just appreciate the simplicity of looking at a piece of art work that doesnt need much explanation.  which, as you know for me, not needing a lot of explanation in and of itself is highly unusal! HA!




Bruce McCall’s humor writing and art work have been seen regularly in The New Yorker since 1980. Born and raised in Canada, where he was a high-school dropout, McCall is a largely self-taught artist and writer who returned

to his first love, humor and satire, after careers in commercial art, journalism, and advertising. He has published two story collections, “Zany Afternoons” and “All Meat Looks Like South america,” as well as an illustrated humor book, “The Last Dream-O-Rama,” and a memoir about growing up Canadian, “Thin Ice,” and his firstchildren’s book, “Marveltown,”.

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