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June 2, 2011


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Everyone always has their go to spot when fantasizing about winning the lottery! Or running away to be a beach bum, or just getting away to let go.  My place of choice has always been Cap Juluca in Anguilla.  In fact when the show houses are all through, I will be heading back down there for a much needed respite.

So, I wanted to share a stunningly beautiful place for you to think about.

Around 4000 years ago, Anguilla was a lush island covered in dense rain forest. It was discovered by Amerindian peoples who came by dugout canoes and rafts from South America’s mainland. They called Anguilla “Malliouhana” which meant arrow-shape sea serpent and they developed villages, farms and ceremonial sites to their gods. Evidence of these Amerindians as old as 3300 years has been found at the eastern end of Anguilla.

Christopher Columbus sailed by Anguilla is 1493 but never landed. During this time the Europeans changed the island’s name from Malliouhana to Anguilla, for its long eel shape. It was in 1650 that Anguilla first became colonized. English settlers found that the soil

in Anguilla was good for growing corn and tobacco, so plantations began. Over the next 150 years, the French and English battled over this island territory with England eventually emerging victorious.




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