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May 27, 2011


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The Life of Lancelot “Capability” Brown

b1716 d1783

Lancelot Brown was called “Capability” after he once commented that he could see the ‘capabilities’ of an area for landscaping

Lancelot Browns inspiration was to move it onto an even bigger scale. Instead of dividing up areas of an estate to different areas of interest, he took the entire grounds area to create entire woodlands with huge lakes, more rivers, and with the ha-ha he could bring the vista right to the doorstep of his client. Sitting him in perfected countryside, with all the comforts of a warm fire and home about you, but with spectacular views only a window away.

This was a revolution in gardening though, compared with Italian Renaissance, Tudor knot gardens, the influence of France, with formal fountains, cascades, canals, and evergreens clipped to perfection. The Tuileries and Versailles could not be more removed from what was now taking shape under the guiding hand of Lancelot Brown. The formal goosefoot design of Mallet, a half circle with 5 formal avenues radiating from it, as in Hampton Court. The Dutch influence, with William of Orange favouring topiary, cones, globes, and pyramids. All these were the complete opposite of this new gardening direction.

Jane Brown wrote a new book that I just read on Capability Brown. One of the pre-eminent landscape designers and champions of the English garden.  When I designed the landscaping for my Casa Blanca project I referred to his work.

When you travel through England and visit the historic houses, you will for sure arrive upon the most splendid gardens designed by Lancelot “Capability” Brown!

I am currently working on the landscaping for a townhouse actually, and am finding a lot of inspiration in this book, so I though I would share a fabulous source for you to enjoy!



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