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September 26, 2013


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I was recently introduced to CHANTAL JOFFEE’S amazing artwork!  Her images, some dark and a bit disturbing, offer glimpses into a world of potential artists and their struggle to get what they are looking for out of their chosen porfession!  Some of the characters you may recognize or feel akin to!

I love her work and hope you enjoy this post!

Have a great day!

Love, Jamie


Chantal Joffee’s work centres around a powerful group of female images!

 Her art offers complex fictional portrayals of the artist’s heroines painted chronologically and moving towards us in time from the 1840′s.  As well as conceptual explorations of

representations of female icons, the works also engage with key moments in literature, painting and feminist history. Both specific and non-specific, these are imagined depictions of women -  some are real individuals and others hybrid figures – born out of Joffe’s consideration of works of art and literature and the social climate in which they

were created. Manet’s The Drummer Boy, the writings of Emily Brontë and Emily Dickinson, the paintings of Lee Krasner and Tamara de Lempicka are all referenced here along with the intimate musings of Edmund White and the





passionate polemics of Susan Sontag. Each painting shows these young women at a point early in their lives, when they are

beginning to find a voice and question what it means to pursue a dream of being an artist. Set against dark backgrounds and located somewhere not of this time, the strongly contoured bodies are depicted in awkward or



sexual poses, distorted or kneeling but equally conveying a sense of vulnerability. The models – as is often the case in Joffe’s work - 

are taken from photographs in contemporary fashion magazines and bear little or no resemblance to their imagined counterparts.

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