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May 18, 2012


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I have always had a love of industrial looking furniture.  And as of late, there has been a lot more interest in industrial design for interiors.  I was invited to hear a lecture on two of the most influential women of design in the 20th century, one being Eileen Grey and the other Charlotte Perriand.  

I always knew that had it not been for Perriand working for Le Corbusier,

the famous chaise lounge may never have been! there are so many pieces of furniture today, that have become iconic in and of themselves.  And are the result of Charlotte Perriand

Perriand was one of the most influential furniture designers of the early modern movement.

charlotte was responsible for introducing the “machine age” aesthetic to furniture.

Her politics really guided her design architecturally and her furniture design.  She was an extreme leftist ,as her work aimed to create functional living spaces in the belief that better design helps in creating a better society.

Her father was a tailor and her mother was an haute couture seamstress.  She was born in 1903, so imagine the world at that time, especially in Paris, and what her thoughts would be as she got older.  As the world wars happened and before the true age of mechanization happened.  Ergo her love of industrial materials and found objects.

I am always fascinated by childhoods and places of our formative years, that have such a direct impact on us, not just as adults, but from an artistic standpoint.

Perriand became so well known for her “Bar” furniture, that you will immediately recognize a lot of the pieces. This furniture was made out of chromed steel and anodized aluminum.

I really enjoyed learning about her and I do hope you enjoy this post!



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