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April 22, 2011


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Happy Friday!  I am working on the design of a guest house for one of my clients projects, and decided to design using Onyx.  I have worked with Onyx before and fell in love with the characteristics of this beautiful material.

Onyx is known for its translucent beauty, natural colors and unique patterns.  cleaning and maintaining Onyx countertops are a bit more to the maintenance side then lets say a black granite, but the upside as far as the look you are achieving is totally different!

Onyx is softer then granite and other types fo natural stone.  So scratching and etching are common occurrences.  So, you are wondering why and how bees to use this stunning material!

I usually use Onyx for a powder bath application, where we know there is limited amount of use, there is no food prep, obviously, and we basically know the products winding up on the countertop.

When I use Onyx we use LED lighting to illuminate the gorgeous  material that onyx is!Have a great weekend!!

Love, Jamie

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