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June 8, 2011

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I was working with a client on their library the other day, and I suggested to use a daybed in this one area in order to give them a wonderful place for the kids to sit and visit as well as being able to expand necessary sleeping additions whenever necessary.  And yes, this library is in a town house where there are no bedrooms on that floor and the others are really being occupied.

A daybed is a combination of a bed and a couch.  The seat cushion is really a twin size mattress so that when you need it for the comfort it is there.  Actually I was thinking when I decided to write about this, that my first apartment on East 73rd, a pre-war building, it was a studio, so I designed a daybed but instead of using a twin size mattress I used a Double.  So you can change up the size of the mattress the look is what determines it is a daybed as well as the function.

A daybed traditionally would go up against a wall and have two side panels that stand at what are traditionally the head board and the foot board and a longer back panel that spans the width of the bed so that you can put pills up against it.

Daybeds predate the modern sofa or chaise and were very popular in ancient civilizations.  the daybed really gained notoriety when you think of the court of Louis XV, the daybed was a lavishly designed piece of furniture.  daybeds in Vicotrian times sometimes were called fainting couches, which was because of the tight corsetry women wore that would cause them to become faint.

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