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May 4, 2011

Edward Wormley and why you need to know him!

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One of the most amazing furniture designers!

Who was Edward Wormley and why you recognize his pieces  without possibly knowing who he was!

Edward Wormley is one of my most favorite furniture designers, especially for his chairs and sofas.  And when the opportunity arises to purchase one of his iconic pieces, seize the opportunity!

Wormley worked for a furniture company out of Indiana , by the name of Dunbar.

Wormley concentrated on clean lined classicism which is a style of furniture that can be found amongst traditional settings, contemporary settings and most comfortably that of classic modernism, which of course is one of my favorites.

Born in Rochelle, IL near Chicago. Edward Wormley came from humble beginnings, during the late 1920′s his financial state caused him to struggle  to stay in school for interior design at the Art Institute of Chicago. in 1930 he was forced to cut his schooling short, and he went to work as an interior designer for Marshall Fields in Chicago. Ultimately unfulfilled with his career at Marshal Fields he quit in 1931 to join the Dunbar Furniture Company of Berne, Indiana. His job as lead designer was to update their overall product line.

Wormley’s work with Dunbar met with immediate success and his career with them lasted for 30 years. He had a outsatnding eye for quality and the exacting craftsmanship needed in the development of high quality modern furniture. Wormley began incorporating European innovations and created furniture that was elegant, understated and modern.  In 1944 Dunbar decided to focus exclusively on Modern lines, and to this day manufactures and sells furniture that Wormely designed between 1944 and 1970. While Wormley was never truly at the forefront of Modern design he was able to take the best elements from classical, historical design and translated them into Modern vernacular. His result was furniture that was sophisticated, yet mainstream, and this translated into a very successful product line for Dunbar.

Enjoy this incredible furniture designer and be on the look out  for pieces of his from Dunbar!



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