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April 23, 2012


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Lately I have been on a kick of learning about artists that really push the edge and the boundry.  In doing so I am finding there are so many that I really love.  I do hope that  you are enjoying learning all  about all of these tremendous talents, along with me!

Love, Jamie

Enrico David’s embroideries create a camp theatricality; his figures emerge as staged constructions, paralleling outward appearance with inner fantasy. In Agent, David’s crouching figure is set in monotone against

blended grey ground, creating the inside-out suggestion of photographic negative. Within the red trimmed contours, an image of a warrior appears, reminiscent of Japanese woodcuts. Heavily stitched with thick wool,

Agent’s burly soft texture both highlights and undermines the perception of strength and masculinity, portraying a dandy of heroic proportions.

Enrico David’s large-scale canvases explore personal identity within the public domain. Dealing with issues of queer politics, David appropriates elements from modernist design and contemporary culture to develop an

intimate platform of fantasy and revelation. Created in embroidery on tie-dyed fabric, presents a quirky sexuality based equally in high fashion, subculture, and home craft. Dressed in a Pucci-esque cat suit, David’s svelte poseurs

are  both exhibitionist and stealth-like. His sleek figure is transformed by its woolen texture, drawing peculiar and humorous reference to S&M,bondage, and role-play with its seductively cuddly material.

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