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December 16, 2010

Capture the Beauty of Nature

 It seems that in these modern times, people are always looking for that bit of calm that comes from nature. Combined with the sustainability craze, the natural environment has come to have even more importance in people’s lives. Despite the recent hype, the desire for people to be close to nature is not a new one. I recently attended a lecture on biophilia. Biophilia is humans’ innate need to connect to other living things, including Mother Earth. Due to this, natural elements have healing properties and that is why plant life the is one of the five key components of healing environments, such as health care facilities. The color green alone is proven to have healing abilities, and can relieve visual fatigue (think about bringing a small plant into your plant and see if your energy level increases.) With all that being said, designers are always trying to find ways to integrate the outdoors with the indoors, whether that be through incorporating plant life, using natural materials, or creating an artificial nature. The idea of artificial nature is something that is ironic, but something I like play with. Many product lines make furnishings that look like natural elements, but are made of artificial materials. When a client wants the feeling of luxury, I can still incorporate the organic forms that natural materials bring, while maintaining a glam feeling. Below are some earthy interiors, as well as some interesting products that can help you come back to nature, without ever leaving your home.

The natural materials combined with modern lines is a great composition

The relaxation of nature… almost

While still embellished, this space still has an earth vibe

Can’t commit to an entire space? Accessories are a great way to see how you feel about a look.

Tree stump tables – the do it yourself possiblities are endless

Simply beautiful

Artificial nature at its finest! Have a great rest of the week!

December 12, 2010

Interior Design for Your Exterior

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It may be winter, but that is no reason not to consider how your exterior can be transformed into a cozy interior. When we are at our Arizona office, we find people using their outdoor spaces more during this time of year, so I thought Iwould offer some exterior design solutions. Just because a space isn’t covered by a roof and four walls doesn’t mean that it cannot feel like an interior space. If fact the best outdoor spaces are the ones that most closely mimic the indoors. Who wouldn’t want to create a romantic living room where you can view that stars? With the advances in outdoor furniture these days, there is no longer the problem of finding attractive outdoor furniture or fabric. The real technique to creating an enchanting outdoor environment is by using unique materials, forms, colors, and patterns. Lots of furniture now features woven materials, or metals and wood. These can enhance your natural landscape and bring nature into your domestic life. In combination with natural materials, it is always fun to combine bright colors and patterns using outdoor fabric. An awning stripe offers a great sophisticated look that can mixed with different sized stripes to create modern fun. Consider adding outdoor drapery to enclose a patio area using the same stripe as your furniture. If you throw in a fire pit for those cool evenings, you will have a romantic getaway right in your own backyard!

Incredible innovation happening

Perfect for the modern lover

Outdoor lighting is just as important as outdoor furniture

Kelly Wearstler knows that an an exterior can have all the things that an interiors has like art work and sculptures

Favorite exterior!

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