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November 30, 2010

Artistic Floors Made Easy

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If you are considering renovating your flooring, but find that the best looking flooring materials are out of your budget, look no further. Painted floors give the biggest bang for your buck no matter what your decor taste is. Being economical is definitely it’s biggest advantage, but painted floors are do it yourself friendly (which is pretty rare when it comes to flooring.) If you have an artist in the family or in the neighborhood, you can really create some show stopping work. People are often concerned with the durability of paint and if it can withstand the abuse that all of our homes receive with simple day to day activities. If you have ever been to a basketball game or gymnasium, then you have seen the painted court lines. Those floors withstand aggressive athletes and other performances. If a gym floor can withstand, then your floor can too. Basically any flooring surface, excluding carpet, can be painted. Because it is so simple and cost effective, you could refresh you floor look once a year if you wanted to.

The process is very simple:

- Clean your flooring surface with soap and water.

- If there is any gloss or wax coating – sand off and vacuum up sanding dust.

- Use an oil based primer to prep your floors – you can start painting as soon as the primer instructs.

High gloss oil based paints would the best. The key to the long lasting durability is a few coats of non-yelling urethane. After that your floor is you palate! Painting is a way to experiment with all those bold colors and patterns that you love. If you don’t like the way it looks – paint it again. Below are some really fantastic painted floors and there are more all over the Internet to get inspiration from.

Yeah – you are going to need some help with something like this

Simple and white

The gloss give this space a sophisticated fun kind of look

The classic checker board floor

No caption necessary

Use stencilling for the patterns that are a little too advanced to draw by hand


No need to get crazy – simply use paint to change the tone of your wood floor

The perfect touch!

Hope this was helpful! Have a great day and please share your flooring photos with us!

November 15, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle!

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Even though animal print made a big come back two seasons ago, zebra rugs are something that seem to never go out of style. It is also interesting that zebra rugs do not seem to be associated with only one style. Although commonly seen in classical modern Jonathan Adler style interiors, you can find a zebra rug in almost any style home. So what is it about a zebra rug that seems to be timeless? I love zebra rugs and I personally think it is the graphic nature of the zebra print that make it so popular. The print is so cohesive with organic lines that seem to merge perfectly, and yet it is a print that is made by nature and completely random at the same time. While cheetah print and snake skin print are commonly seen, but zebra print is more widely used because of its classical black and white contrast that can go ANYWHERE. The shape of a zebra rug, whether real or not, seems to be an appealing solution because it breaks up the repetition of a flooring material, but doesn’t necessarily cover it like an area rug does. The fact that zebra print is frequently used in the fashion industry keeps it alive in the interiors world. While the mass production and cheap reprinting of zebra can make a space look tacky, consider using a quality zebra rug in a space where you feel like something is just missing.

The rug still pops against the the dark floor

It still feel right in this all white interior

Sophisticated fun


Thank you Jonny

Two zebra rugs too much? NEVER!

Have a great start to the week!

October 14, 2010

High Style Using a Little Innovation

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As I mentioned before, only a dream job would have no budget. A huge amount of cost can come in the form of slab flooring that is used to create the gorgeous stone pattern designs that people see everywhere (including my post from last week.) A great alternative that I have come up with to have a slap pattern floor without the cost is by getting a little innovative with 12″ stone tiles. Tiles cost significantly less than slab, and 12″ tiles can be cut into various patterns to still achieve that great look that you love. Here are some examples from the Casa Blanca residence.


I showed this picture in my last challenge on flooring transitions, but unlike the other pictures in that set, the gorgeous design was not achieved using slab. You can see the grout line when we had 12″ tiles cut to create a linear design along with different colored borders surrounding a separate tile design. It has the same affect as slab but gives your more control in your designs and is much more cost effective.

This is a picture of one of our favorite floors from the Casa Blanca breakfast room. This black and white geometric pattern was achieved also using tile. The 12″ tiles were cut in half for a 6″ border and the full tile was used to create the square, while the edges of other tiles were rounded to create the circle.

These are just a few examples from my work but it is a technique that I continue to use in many of my projects. It really allows for some creativity in design and maintains that high style look we love. Hope you have a great week and weekend by enjoying the fall outdoors!

October 12, 2010

What to do with a gorgeous floor over budget!

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Well, we are a little behind on all of our challenges but! today while working on flooring-for a kitchen for a clients house, I thought of the challenge!

In most projects I work on, there is always a budget-even though everyone always assumes I only work on projects that don’t have budgets-ok-that is a total fantasy-
but-I designed a floor using slabs of marble-stunning-over budget and not going to happen! so-I am working on the design without giving up the pattern-that’s the challenge!
will let you know more tomorrow!

October 8, 2010


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As promised, I have come up with some examples of great flooring transitions, some from work that I have seen and some from my own designs. Even though most of this examples are using stone, you can achieve the same idea with any material.

Even though there isn’t a real flooring change from one space to another, this is a gorgeous example how to create borders and patterns that can be used in the door jam area to seperate rooms.

This is the perfect example of using border design to transition flooring. If possible, the border can incorporate the materials from both flooring types and intertwine them to create a more fluid transition.Making flooring reflect other architectural features in a home can create interest and unique looks. This flooring transition used the columns to create a geometric rectilinear pattern that plays with contrast.

This the Caron Street project, and as you can see to the right, the large door jam is being used to transition straight wooden planks to a geometric wood pattern. This is a great example of how there doesn’t have to be a material change to need a flooring transition.

This is an example from the Casa Blanca residence. This perfectly displays how to take elements from a space and translate them in a pattern for a different surface. The gorgeous custom cabinetry with black framing was inspiration for the unique and elegant patterned flooring design.

I hope this provides you with some beautiful inspiration for the weekend and hopefully for your next remodel. Check out facebook for some more style and design insights. Doing something out of the ordinary this weekend and have a good one!

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