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August 4, 2011


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Not by the book would be the maxim of one of my favorite artists! FRANZ KLINE!

I have always been enamored with abstract expressionism.  I know to many people it seems as if a child could paint the same painting, but in reality I would suggest to try it out if only a small test and see if you can actually paint so freely with no perceived ideas.

I am always interested to know and understand the personal histories of those artists whether they be writers, musicians, chefs etc, that have contributed to their pursuit of their chosen field.  For Kline, it was not a pretty picture for a young boy who was left fatherless due to a suicide and growing up in an orphanage for some time until his mother had re married.

FRANZ Kline was an American painter , of the same time period of Jackson Pollack and Willem De Kooning also considered part of the Abstract Expressionists.  He was considered an “action painter” because of his seemingly, being the operative word, spontaneous and intense style, focusing less or not at all on figures or imagery, but on the actual brush strokes and use of the canvas.

I think what is really interesting is Kline’s most recognizable method or style derives from a suggestion made to him by his friend Willem De Koonig: in which De Koonig suggested to bring in a sketch and project it with a Bell Optican opaque projector he had at his studio.  Kline described the projection as such: ( this explains a lot when you consider what he actually saw)

“A four by five inch black drawing of a rocking chair… loomed in gigantic black strokes which eradicated any image, the strokes expanding as entities in themselves, unrelated to any entity but that of their own existence.”




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