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February 4, 2014


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Fritz Bultman (April 4, 1919 – July 20, 1985) was an American Abstract Expressionist painter, sculptor and collagist and a member of the New York School of artists.

I was not familiar with the work of FRTIZ BULTMAN until recently and thought you would love this artist! I hope you enjoy his work and this post! have a great day!



His family was prominent in New Orleans where his father owned a Catholic funeral company. By the age of thirteen he was interested in art, and worked with Morris Graves who was a family friend.[ As a high schooljunior in 1935 Fritz went to study in Munich for two years and there boarded with Maria Hofmann, the wife of artist and teacher Hans Hoffman . His early paintings have been described as “rough and painterly”, an amalgam of symbolism and geometry.

Bultman was exhibiting with other abstract expressionists by the late 1940s, and in 1950 was aligned with the group of New York School artists, nicknamed the “Irascibles” .  Affected by anxiety and depression, Bultman worked little between 1952 and 1956, and resumed painting and sculpting after undergoing Freudian analysis. At a time when African American were prohibited from visiting white museums in the south, in 1963 Bultman and his wife led a group of prominent New York artists and writers in the creation of a collection of modern art for Tougaloo College a black institution in Jackson, Mississippi


To Robert Motherwell ,Bultman was “one of the most splendid, radiant and inspired painters of my generation.”and David Houston, curator of the Ogden museum of Southern Art in New Orleans called him “an important artist from the South who was part of that great moment that changed the American cultural landscape.”

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