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April 4, 2011


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Ottomans, they always seemed to be the last resort of designers when all else failed in search of the perfect coffee table!  But now that most families lifestyles are getting to be a bit more casual, and the formal living room is often times giving way to a very large family room, ottomans are now making a huge comeback!

I was always skeptical of ottomans, as  to me,  they had this perceived notion of being sloppy and not tailored! But! Au contraire!  Ottomans are as functional as they are fashionable, offering a place to rest your feet, an impromptu coffee table, or even an extra seat!  An ottoman is the one piece in your home that pretty much does it all!  I have chosen some great images for you to see!  I am working on a family room, as I type this, and  that is the first piece I chose! As everyone loves to put their feet up and  to do so on a coffee table, actually is quite un-comfortable!  

Have a great day!



February 16, 2011

Style Starts Young

These days, good design is not exclusive to adults. There is some fantastic interior design on the market right now for children. Knoll obviously felt that design for youth was a profitable venture when they launched their line of mid century modern furnishings for children in 2009. The furnishings mimic the classic icons that Knoll is known for selling except scaled down for a smaller crowd. They carry children’s versions of the womb chair, barcelona chair, cyclone table and diamond chair. Just because the size is smaller doesn’t mean the quality is less though, Knoll expresses that the children’s furniture is made with the same high quality craft and materials that they put into all of the regular furnishings. And let me tell you – you aren’t paying any less either, the barcelona chair is over $3,000. If you can’t imagine your children going another day without being surrounded by the influence of iconic design, then Knoll is definitely the way to go.

If your children are in their teen years like mine are, there are also some great furnishings and design available to them as well. I stumbled upon a wonderful Italian  company called Seletti that sells bright and vibrant furnishings that would likely appeal to your teen. The company’s website states that they pride themselves in maintaining unique and innovative design, and I have to say I think they are doing just that. The form evokes classical furnishings but the finishes and details are contemporary and almost poke fun at stiff traditional style. The furnishings feature a variety of patterns and colors and they also well a lot of household products like kitchen supplies and accessories. Definitely worth checking out if your kid likes colors or if you do too!



January 26, 2011

Four Poster Paradise

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When you think of the most romantic bed on earthwhat do you think of? A four poster bed of course! (If you were thinking a red velvet tufted circle bed that rotates in turn with a disco ball then I am afraid this might be the wrong blog for you.) Like canopies, four poster beds made their claim to fame in the 15thcentury with the development of Gothic. Furnishings and interior details  became very heavy and architectural, mimicking the massive cathedrals of the time. As you can imagine, these were not the delicate four posters that you see today. These beds had huge wooden posts and came up to support a canopy covered roof with flowing drapery coming down the sides. If you are a regular reader then you have read my post on canopies. In case you haven’t, bedding textiles during the 15th century were the most prominent way to display rank and nobility. Not to mention that the fire place was not well understood and the technology to allow heat to spread throughout did not exist. Therefore, bedding textiles were not only a fashion statement, they created a micro climate of warmth that probably prevented death especially during the winters in England. If you could afford it, beds like these were adorned with the most expensive trimming and textiles that could be sewn with threads of gold, literally!

Even though many four posters do not function to support heavy wooden roofs and canopies, they still allow textiles to hang down and be tied to the posts. Although typically considered a traditional carved work, contemporary four poster beds are just as popular, and as expected, have developed into a whole new level of design. I still think that the most elegant paradise bed is a clean and simple four poster adorned with white sheer drapery. I can hear the grand caymans calling. If you want to feel like the ruler of your master bedroom, consider a four poster bed of any kind (and ditch the disco ball.)


January 24, 2011

The History of the Cherner Chair

Every once in a while I like to give a little history lesson on something or someone in the field of design. Recently I have seen the iconic Cherner chair being used by current designers and decided to do a little research. I am now going to share that research with you.

Norman Cherner designed this chair in 1957-58 while working for the manufacturing company Plycraft. The design of the chair was during the Eames Era and utilized the unique process of layering laminated wood at varying plys and then bending the wood. The chair and the design became the center of a lawsuit between Cherner and the owner of Plycraft, Paul Goldman. Cherner was told by Goldman that it was decided that the chair would not be manufactured. However, Goldman did in fact manufacture the chair under many different names and production continued well into the 70′s. Cherner obviously sued that jerk and even though he received royalties, production ended soon after the lawsuit took place.

Norman Cherner died in 1987, but in 1999 Norman’s sons decided to start the business back up and start production again on the iconic chair. Benjamin and Thomas said that they made the decision after avid requests from architects and designers to put the chair back into productions. The sons used their fathers original specifications and documents to accurately produce the chairs. Now you can buy an authentic Cherner chair from The Cherner Chair Company (the prices are authentic too.) Not only do they feature the orgional designs, but there are also new designs and modifacations avliable from Benjamin Cherner. Steven Gambrel is one desginer I know that users Cherner chairs and you should too!

January 19, 2011

The Icon of Elegence

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When you think luxury and comfort combined in a single piece of furniture who do you think? There have been many, but the originator of it all is Baltimore based designer Billy Baldwin. As I’m sure you know, he was infamous for his iconic slipper chair. This chair was unique in the area of luxury furniture because it wasn’t stuffy and stiff like the other pieces you would find in a grand party hall. This chair was low to the ground and featured a very deep seat with no arms and was very plush. It encouraged the most sophisticated kind of lounging. It was that thought that he was inspired to make the chair for the body of 5’9 Pauline de Rothschild so it was easier for her to extend her legs and pose for the camera. Like any good designer, he was inspired by work abroad and international style, but he was also an advocate for American design and produced design that was considered very american saying, “We can recognize and give credit where credit is due, to the debt of taste we owe Europe, but we have taste, too.” His slipper chair was ingenious because it made both women and men feel comfortable – which is rare for a chair that is so attractive – and could be upholstered in a variety of materials to enhance the style of any space. He said that above all he thought that a piece should be comfortable which was really against the formality of the Baroque and Rococo and was very progressive idea for the time. Needless to say this chair is an icon for a reason and we have Billy Baldwin to thank for that. The magic of the slipper chair is that you can use it anywhere, but how you use it is for you to decide.

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