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May 23, 2011


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Happy Day!  My sister was in town last week and decided to stay downtown at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  I love that hotel and the ambiance especially in the lobby and the bar.  While she was visiting , we found ourselves enjoying being lobby and bar rats!

Usually when she comes in, we are so busy racing around to all the newest and greatest, but this trip was more relaxing.

While sitting in the lobby and trying to answer all of her questions in regards to the fantastic interior design, the incredible art collection and just the overall crazy wonderful eccentric feel, I found the the man responsible needs no introduction but a big thanks!

Julian Schnabel is an amazing force of nature.  Here is just a brief overview, I am sure you are familiar with his work!  Especially if you live in Manhattan, then you definitely know of Venetian pink palazzo in the West Village.

Julian Schnabel, probably the most exhibited, financially successful and aggressively self-promoting American artist of his generation, was born in 1951 and studied at the University of Houston from 1969 to 1973 before participating in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Programme in 1973–4.

Schnabel emerged in the late 1970s as a leading and controversial figure of the New Image movement with his production of brash paintings and prints that were executed on a huge scale and employed garish colours and obscure textual references. In 1978 he traveled to Europe and felt a particular affinity with Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona. His feelings for Gaudi resulted in the first of his famous plate paintings, The Patients and the Doctors, the idea for which came to him in the cheap hotel where he was staying when he thought of producing a painting covered with broken plates the size of the large closet in his room.

Schnabel became best known for this signature style of painting on broken plates and crockery that had been applied to vast wooden armatures. The works that he made following his revelation in a European hotel room possess a sculptural and tactile vitality that made Schnabel’s name as an artist. Plate paintings such as Self-Portrait in Andy’s Shadow demonstrate Schnabel’s frequent use of plate surfaces for large-scale portraiture, mostly of friends and personalities in the art world. In Self-Portrait in Andy’s Shadow Schnabel links his own image with that of Andy Warhol, whose date of death is written on the surface.

I thank my sister for choosing this hotel as it brought me back to researching an artist that I so admire!




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