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February 23, 2011

Beautiful Hallways

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There seems to be many spaces in a home that people neglect or forget about. In someof my previous posts I have tried to address some of the those spaces and today I have one more fore you; the hallway. Unless you are in a studio apartment then you most likely have a hall of some kind, even if it is small. No matter its size, the hallway is still a place to get adventurous with design and create something beautiful. Since there isn’t a lot of space in a hallway there are really one options you have; treating the wall surface. That still leaves many options for design like resurfacing with paint or paper, creating some kind built in, or applying something to the surface like a picture or sconce. If you have the room, built ins can be very beautiful and functional – especially if you are in a small space. It seems that people are always looking for storage and just the same way you keep your linen closet in the hallway, why not add an entire wall of storage that will enhance the beauty of the space. Sometimes people can fit in benches which look especially nice if there happens to be a window in the hallway. A built in bookcase is also a lovely addition to the hallway. If doing a built in isn’t an option consider resurfacing your wall with new paint or paper. You can even make the space look more architectural by applying some crown moulding form home depot – its simple and inexpensive. After you resurface the wall consider adding some finish details. For some reason the hallway has become the place for hiding framed pictures from all of the family reunions they have had since the 70′s. Listen, if you wouldn’t put the picture in the living room for all the world to see, then do you think it makes your cousin who comes one a year feel better to see the picture discretely positioned in the hallway on the way to the bathroom? Um, no. If you are trying to hide a picture in the hallway do everyone a favor and get rid of it, it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Replace it with some beautiful art. You walk through the hallway everyday, why not display something beautiful? You can also add some sconces or faux pilasters – get creative.

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