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July 15, 2015


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I think growing up in the garment center in Manhattan is really to blame!  All the crap games and three card monty while waiting for my grandfather to finish up for the day!

Less, I digress!  So, I walk into the TATE MODERN and arriving at the top of the stairs to see thee most stunning HENRY MOORE sculpture I had ever seen! I immediately thought,”now I know where they all are”

and then I thought how I could get it out of the museum!  Way too many espionage novels as a kid when my father wasn’t looking!  But really, if you are not familiar with HENRY MOORE read on! And if you are then enjoy the images!

I have put some of my favorite images of his work, and I am positive you will immediately  know his work and all of those artists that are current that have been very inspired by his work, lets just say. :)

HENRY SPENCER MOORE 1898-1986 was an English sculptor and artist.  His forms are usually abstractions of the human figure, typically depicting mother-adn-child or reclining figures.  Moore’s works are usually suggestive of the female body apart from a phase in the ’50′s when he sculpted family groups. Moore became very well known for his larger scale abstract sculptures that were carved in marble or cast in bronze.

I could  keep writing but the most important thing is to just see if he strikes your fancy.  He was a genius and the start of all of this modern interpretation, at a time when they were still copying the classics in sculpture.  




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