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May 1, 2015


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OK, so now you think I am obsessed, well to know me is to know that I have the tendency!  When it comes to art, there are so many styles I love, but this school of artists definitely attractsmy eye!  I thought I would bring you another artist

of this genre so you may really be able to understand their commitment to this style.

Mehring’s early work is a “Washington version” of abstract expressionism, with the loose handling of paint on a surface but a much more transparent use of magna paint, an acrylic paint developed by Leonard Bocour.

The stylistic resemblance to Helen Frankenthaler is obvious.

As Mehring developed as an artist, his work became much more structured.  He went from a painted surface with an all-over pattern to cutting up canvas with the all-over pattern and gluing it back together.

Later he used some of those same forms to make ‘hard-edge paintings”, “T’s”, “Z’s” and “E’s”.

An underlying geometry exists in his compositions, and this became more pronounced in his later paintings, for which he is best known.  vibrant colors, in combinations that dazzle the eye, fill sharply defined, hard-edges shapes.

I do hope you are enjoying this school of artists! Have a great day!



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