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December 17, 2013


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I was recently introduced to yet another amazing artist! There is so much talent around in this world that I am always so excited to find new , well not new, but new to me-talent! I hope you enjoy his work! Have a great day! Love,


Jacco Olivier fuses painting and moving image to create short, intimate animations. Olivier’s works are, with few exceptions, almost exclusively small-scale single projections of concise narrative episodes that appear

in a microcosmic world. Every painting is repeatedly reworked in generous, casual strokes and systematically photographed at each stage of development. The resulting films are enigmatic and experiential – moving in and

out of abstraction they reveal the traces and decisions made by the artist in the process of painting. While there is a clear and quite complex process involved in their creation, Olivier does not set a thematic agenda for the works,

or for their relationship to one another. The films are instead imagined as windows onto converging, and often elegantly simple, moments of daily lifeĀ  – a bus journey, a swim in the ocean, or a walk through the woods.

At this convergence of painting and cinema, however, lies an uneasy tension, a feeling that something is about to happen or has just happened that is unexpected and beyond our control.

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