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September 28, 2011


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“A room is finished when you cannot remove something without it being missed. Everything must earn its keep.”

So said John Dickinson (1920—1982), American decorator and designer, who was known for furniture and interiors that were “spare, cerebral, uncompromising, and original.” Such as carved-wood lamp bases shaped like femurs or a table of galvanized tin ingeniously worked to resemble draped fabric.

Renowned designer John Dickinson  created many original furniture designs with much detail and flair. Animal legged chairs and African inspired tables were among his most iconic works from the 1960′s.

Dickinson loved the design paradox Andree Putman calls, “rich and poor”–expensive upholstery details worked in plain canvas, an elegant slipper chair upholstered in white Naugahyde, muslin curtains done in the most Balenciaga way, expensive wool cord used as simply as jute twine.

Many design insiders today still consider John Dickinson the most innovative and original American interior and furniture designer of the 20th-century. Designers as diverse as Andree Putman, Michael S. Smith, John Saladino, Vicente Wolfe and Gary Hutton sing his praises.

“John Dickinson’s furniture passes every test–for originality, quality and style,” said Liz O’Brien, a leading New York dealer in 20th-century design. “His design is for the ages. It’s burned into our cerebral cortex.”

He has been one of my most favorite designers and his furniture pieces are truly iconic and splendid!  If you have the chance to purchase a piece, have no worries whether it will fit the style of your home, as John’s work transcends time and place!




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