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October 17, 2013


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I was introduced to KIM DINGLE’S art a bit ago,  while at a gallery in the City.  I really liked what her art was about and thought her statement was very interesting.

I do hope you enjoy this post! Have a great day!


Born in 1951 in Pomona, CA, Kim Dingle has been exploring the subversive edges of female childhood  and myths of nationhood and history in lush paintings and startling sculptures for over

two decades. Her characters “Fatty” and “Fudge”– known as “Priss Girls” when in sculptural form–act out, misbehave, and are gripped by a mindless and inexplicable violence against nature

and each other. Dingle, who often paints in a palette of blurry beiges, sepias, and browns on vellum, creates ethereal scenes of frolic and frenzy that reference historical events and cultural norms.

Feminist Artist Statement

I’ve been an artist since I was a baby. My art is about my inner life, and the pain of it. It’s about the very painful process of being alive. By nature I am not an overtly political artist. I know

that everything is political, that everything is politicized. But…I don’t work at that level.  The fact that we walk around…and eat and breathe and have ideas and don’t need any batteries or

cords is just amazing to me. I mean, what keeps us moving?  I’m in awe of it.

“Priss” is like Shirley Temple as a psycho pit bull.

Being a girl is my background. Of course I have a feminist consciousness but I don’t think of myself as an artist who has a feminist agenda. No more so than any other artist, male or female.

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