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January 7, 2011

Kitchen Technology

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Hello All and happy Friday!

I have recently been exploring some the new design trends that are up and coming. I really enjoy seeing the futuristic stuff that is now available to us that still seems like it should be from year 3000. I did however, come across some new kitchen technology that I could really see myself using in the near future. Kitchen appliances are really making a change to be more efficient,  in accordance with ADA, more environmental and using less energy, and much more. One piece of kitchen appliance that has made great strides of change, is the ventilation hood. The funny thing is is that the technology has made little advancements since it is basically a fan, but the aesthetics of the hood have evolved so much the vent hood could become the best looking part of the kitchen.

Of course there are some companies that are just leading in those advancements. Although there are many others, Elica and Gaggenau are rising to the top for their innovation in the area of kitchen appliances. As expected they also have same fantastic vent hoods that really just blew me away when I saw them (no pun intended). They are using more diverse materials and forms then any I have seen around. Take a look at these hoods and definitely consider them for your next kitchen remodel. And visit there websites because as I said, all of their products are great and worth the price.

The first image above is Elica and the second one Gaggenau

Elica: This more like a beautiful sculpture rather than a vent hood

Elica: Gorgeous. Think about incorporating that color into the rest of the space

Elica: My favorite!

Gaggenau: This hood pulls out from the top cabinets. Very creative and I love the look

Gaggenau: This design rises from a spot in the actual stove. Their designs are definitely for the modern lovers – and I am one of them!

December 12, 2010

Dreaming of a White….Kitchen!

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If you want your kitchen to make a statement, just think white!  We have made multiple posts on using white in the home, so I don’t need to say AGAIN all the reasons why using white is fabulous, but I will say that kitchens are the most common place for white to be used.  If you are someone who really cares about making all components of your home coordinate, then you know just how hard it is to manage all the colors and materials of kitchen supplies. Appliances, hand help appliances, utensils, canisters, dish towels, plate ware; sometimes it is hard to mix all of that with the colors and texture of your cabinetry and not have the space look super cluttered. White really seems the be the solution to that because it is the perfect backdrop to any color and texture. Not to mention, if you think about what should be making a statement in your kitchen, it should be the food! So why distract from that gorgeous meal you have prepared and let your white kitchen become the backdrop. That’s why the most high end restaurants still use all white plates.

I think that sometimes white cabinetry has a kind of country or traditional stereotype, but  in today’s modern home, white cabinetry along with white marble counters can rock the house. While many people tend to shy away from marble due to their misconceptions about this beautiful material, it is irreplaceable in creating a rich and sumptuous feel.  The Greeks understood its beauty and resilience, creating the columns of their homes and temples from a combination of limestone and marble, as well as showing a preference for it when creating the sculpture we admire in museum today.  And okay yes, there is a maintenance process that takes a full day to ensure twelve to eighteen months of wear.  But it’s a small price to pay for the timeless elegance only marble can deliver. Thinking granite can still do the job? Think again – granite is on its way OUT.  As the year draws to an end I’d like to wish you all a white Christmas ~ and just maybe a white kitchen as well.

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