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May 10, 2011


Filed under: lavender paint color — jherzlinger @ 4:09 pm

A top trend that I am seeing emerging from Europe as far as color ,is the shade of Lavender.  Which I am thrilled to see, as Lavender can really be considered a neutral.

Lavender is a pale tint of violet. It applies particularly to the color of the flower of the same name. The web color called lavender is displayed at right—it matches the color of the very palest part of the lavender flower; however, the more saturated color shown below as floral lavender more closely matches the average color of the lavender flower as shown in the picture and is the tone of lavender historically and traditionally considered lavender by the average person as opposed to those who are web site designers.[3] The color lavender might be described as a medium violet or a light pinkish purple. The complementary color of lavender is olive.

Out of all the Birkin bags I have seen the past couple of months walking on the streets of New York, do you know the number one color!  It is a stunning shade of purple! Yes, purple seems to be the new black and lavender the new neutral!

So of course I am going to give you great examples and several shades from Benjamin Moore that will do the trick.

In using the lavender, I am giving you lesser values, meaning don’t be afraid to use this on a wall in a living room or dining room, you can even do the moldings in the room in a wonderful white, that I will list for you as well as companions for the lavender choices.  As for fabrics, think chocolates and greys! Just divine!

Benjamin Moore paint-Lily Lavender #2071-60

#2070-50 amethyst cream

#2069-60 lavender ice




Ps, lavender will work beautifully with classical modern and traditional! I would not however ,be an advocate of this color for a minimal design theme

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