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May 3, 2011

My Favorite Dynamic duo!

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Kips Bay opened last week to incredible reviews! I am so grateful to be part of such an accomplished group of interior designers.

So for those of you that have not gone on line to see the press photos, take a minute as there are some great ideas! From an incredibly group of talented designers!

While in the city this past week, I was on the hunt for iconic pieces of furniture.

These are the single pieces that make a design so complete.  Whether it is the perfect coffee table or a great chair, a fabulous sofa or some terrific accessories!

One of my favorite teams of a design duo, is that of the French husband and wife team, Les Lalanne.

Francois-Xavier and Claude LaLanne.

The pair were and are known for the witty, slightly surrealist furniture, which was often based on fantastical animals.

From rhino-shaped desks to cabbage and bird hybrids, this was the whimsical world of celebrated French sculptors Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne.

See more work by Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne

Claude and her late husband, who worked closely since their first joint exhibition in 1964, have long been regarded as a single entity by the public, despite rarely actually collaborating on a piece of work. Both sought to demystify the sacred art of sculpture and create works with a function, that invite us to touch them, sit on them, lick them and at times, even eat them.

While François-Xavier’s mischievous beasts – like the baboon that doubles as a fireplace and the hippopotamus that opens to become a bathtub – are weighty, fluid forms constructed using moulding and electroplating techniques, Claude’s work tends to be more intricate. Expect delicate mouldings of bodies, apples and cabbages, as well as jewellery, furniture and tableware.




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