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September 5, 2012


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In my office, we have different people that work on the different aspects that all comprise interior design.   One of the people who work on the renderings and CAD drawings, loves to draw Magna Art-I always thought these were a bit strange and I thought, that  the figures really were created for the computer games.

I was totally incorrect!   So I delved into understanding this art form and I thought I would share it with you!

Enjoy! Love, Jamie

We know manga today as embodied by Japanese comic books, drawn in a particular style, the characters presented with large eyes, small mouths, exuberant hairstyles and sometimes fantastical powers and often



expressing exaggerated emotion. The roots of manga go back a long way though and it developed out of the ancient Japanese narrative art of story-telling through sequential images as practised by Toba Sojo, a painter and priest working in the 11th century and possessing a well-developed sense of whimsy. Such was his influence on the development of manga – which means ‘humorous pictures’ – that 18th century concertina-style books of humorous pictures were known as ‘Toba-e’ or ‘Toba pictures’.

Escapism is easy and digital environments and technologies make it so real. Our social interaction is as much, if not more, online and more and more people experience difficulty in distinguishing between the two. Witness recent court cases concerning the destruction of online avatars and love affairs between online personae causing real-world misery and divorce. The boundaries are so blurred in some cases that people cannot tell the difference anymore.

Historically, youth culture in the East has looked westwards for the inspiration and assimilation of ideas, music, clothes and identity but Manga Dreams shows us that this is a very different process – youth cultures in both the East and West are, for the first time, drawing on Eastern culture. This is Asian youth power manifesting itself through manga.



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