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July 18, 2011


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Happy Monday! Feet back in known territory! Stiletto land and ready to go!
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

First of all, Marmoleum is really a newer, green version and is not the linoleum from your grandmother’s house!

Marmoleum can be purchased by the roll or by sections.  there are so many possibilities! I have decided to investigate other cost effective colorful, interesting flooring materials for a project that i am working on.

I have always loved the old linoleum flooring as the strong black and white was actually pretty ahead of its time!

I am working on a game room, study room, basically a children’s area in a home. This flooring is totally durable, can be just dust moped,

can handle cleats, and skates and all the things that come with children and their friends! The avaialbity of color and pattern also makes this idea of flooring material a great choice for laundry rooms and utility rooms and smaller secondary bathrooms!

what is great is that this material can be cut and borders can be created by fitting different colors and shapes of marmoleum together.  Marmoleum is sustainable! Yes i am actually writing about a GREEN product! I am so proud of myself!  Marmoleum is made from linseed oil, color pigments, pine rosin which reminds me of all the years of playing the cello and rosining my bow! ok, back now, and pine flour.

There are a couple of companies that I found, Amtico, Forbo, and Johnsonite




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