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August 11, 2011


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I was in Los Angeles this week on a buying trip, and found rugs that I feel in love with that i have never seen before!  I have always been an advocate fo helping my clients to understand, that if you are going to spend a lot of money on certain interior design items, it is always nice to know, IF you decide to change things up, that there exists a secondary market to sell these things in.  I have had to sell contents of entire homes for 20 cents on the dollar because the purchase that had been made on behalf of the client were pieces that were new and had zero resale value.  Now every piece does not fall into this category, especially if we are talking bout sofas, which are a very large expense, so you want to be sure that the size is fairly standard in as much you can take it with you or re-cover it when the mood suits you.  as there is zero resale value for a used sofa that is not of any pedigree.

Less I digress!

SO, rugs are another one of these really dangerous ideas,  also-you find yourself navigating new rugs with a lot of trepidation

as there is no resale value once again, unless there is some history to the piece or you have a dealer that is willing to trade with you for dollar to dollar, which usually means you didn’t get the best price up front.

Ergo the saying about “rug dealers”.

I was at Mansour Modern, a dealer that I LOVE doing business with and found this rug by MARTA MAAS-FJETTERSTROM that is stunning.  You can find her rugs at auction as well and she is very tradable and highly collectible and not a ton of money!

Here is a bit of history on her, I am now an avid fan on so excited to have been introduced to such a treasure!

So, once agin we have this fabulously talented woman in the early part of the twentieth century, starting her own weaving workshop in a town called Bastad in Sweden.   She ran this workshop for 22 years leaving behind a unique legacy .  Most of these sorts of workshops, once the founder dies, tend to close,  because the artist was such the central figure to its success, but not so with

the case of this workshop.  This studio is still very much alive and with us today producing many of the original 700 designs pieces that were part of the legacy.  A lot of the work is based on Swedish folklore and you may think a bit primitive,  which is a very hot trend,  especially incorporating into modern designs, but later in her career she started to explore abstract patterns  and color combinations.

Enjoy! I hope this leads you to explore her work!



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