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March 30, 2011


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Hello ! and Happy Wednesday! In the office with great music plying and opened my emails and noticed a bunch were questions on how a show house comes to reality!

Those are really good questions, and certainly ones that we designers, participating, ask ourselves over many cocktails!! Once you are asked, and of course say yes! the hard work really starts.  The other designers you are amongst, in my case with Kips Bay, some of the best talent in the country.  So immediately your thoughts go to what room, what time period, what does the venue look like and the adrenaline starts pumping and the vodka flowing!! Kidding, sort of.

So, when i went to look at the house, which is on East 63rd, I went through and fell in love with the “His” Master bathroom. So the choice was made and my first thought after that, was immediately to pick up the phone and simultaneously email Nancy Epstein, the President of Artistic Tile, Laura Steele the head of Public Relations and Lauren Cherkas, the Vice President.  With emails of OMG i need you to do this with me!

I have been in love with Artistic Tile for many years.  They are a very unique tile resource that has enormous capabilities, that they use to bring to market, the latest in tile designs, materials and color palettes that are amazing!  Tile is a very funny business that many of the companies look like each other.  So then price points come into play and to tell you the truth, I have never had that with Artistic Tile.  I consistently use them on every project, in fact a project that will be in East Coast Home and Design, the May issue, Which was shot by Durston Saylor is all of their materials.

So, in putting together a room for a show house, you have to treat the room as if you were working for a client and go from there.  tile being the biggest factor in this room, is were to begin!

I look forward to a great time! and please stop by and say hello!


October 1, 2010


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hello! well we came up with a brilliant plan.  By turning the bed facing into the room,you make the bed the focal point as opposed to walking into a piece of furniture.  Especially for an apartment that is a multi-million dollar apartment-nothing is worse than loosing the drama of an entrance into a master bedroom!

By creating the seating area at the foot of the bed, it makes the bedroom a true living space in and of itself.  I positioned the television to be used in either area, as it is mounted on a swivel that pops up out of a cabinet.  Because of the new super flat screens, the bulkiness of years ago as far as having to have a cabinet that was so over-sized, today, we can use very slim and sexy cabinets.

Have a great weekend!

September 29, 2010

We’re Back!

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After an extensive office remodel, we are finally all moved back in and cracking down on design challenges. We are still working on the small apartment in the city that we did the living room challenge on. This week I thought I would talk about space planning, specifically in small, long and narrow spaces. Below is the plan that I posted early, but now I want to look at the master bedroom. You can the outline of the current furniture plan and there is a lot of wasted space made by the location with bed. All of corners and small niches are filled with chairs and small furniture pieces. The location of the bed is trying not to block the asymmetrical window or the door to the closet. However, it is creating problems with the other pieces in the space and probably frustrating the person that has to get out of bed and run into the wall. The seating that is in the room is not being used because it is facing the wall with the bed and lacks interest. Narrow spaces like this often have these same problems with a lack fluidity. I am going to take the concept of movement and a series of spaces within a space to create a place that is much more functional and efficient.

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