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March 4, 2014


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I would like to bring you one of the most celebrated surrealists or shall I say most recognized, so that you have a great understanding of their work and the importance of it.

Keep in mind dadism came before Surrealism, but both are answers artistically, to the events post WWI and WWII.  Trying to make sense of the destruction

and misery, the answer appeared to find levity and to sort things from reality and distort them and see what would happen.  A great artist, Max Ernst, who had a

most interesting life, is whom I’ve chosen today.  

I hope you enjoy this post!

Have a wonderful day!





Born in Germany in 1891. Ernst is a leading figure of Dada and Surrealist Movements; an artist with a vast range of techniques. As a young man, he studied the

art of patients at mental asylums to understand and try to make sense of what they saw.

After his wartime service in 1918 he began to develop his own style of collages although he exhibited his first painting at the German Autumn Salon of 1913.

During the early 1920′s Ernst invented what was called frottage; pencil rubbings on paper on canvas.

Ernst developed a fascination with birds and this became a recurrent theme in his work. 

In 1936 Ernst met the surrealist artist Leonora Carrington and lived with her until 1940 when he was arrested by the Nazis. Carrington went to Spain hoping to obtain a visa for Ernest, but whilst there she suffered a mental breakdown. Upon his release from Prison Camp Ernest met Peggy Guggenheim who arranged for Ernst’s escape from France and passage to America.

In 1942 Guggenheim and Ernst were married although it did not last and in 1956 he married Dorothea Tanning. Ernest continued living in the USA until 1953

when he returned to Paris. In 1954 he won the Venice Biennale and from this point gained some financial success.

Ernest was acquainted with Paul Klee, collaborated with Joan Miro and had a lifelong friendship with Jean Arp. 

Ernst died in Paris at the age of 85 years. 

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