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April 17, 2015


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Ok- as much as I truly do love the Impressionists I have this ‘thing” for abstract expressionism.”  I love the freedom, the anonymity, as far as the artist gets to choose how he sees the subject versus having to paint the subject as is.

 I love the fact, these artists seemed to answer to no one.  Yes, we all know I am a rebel and I am always in search of the freedom aspect to do what one wants.  No strings.

Have a great day-enjoy!


Milton Resnick, a New York painter was known for dour, thickly impastoed near-monochrome canvases.

Volatile, acerbic, unfailingly blunt, widely read and singularly dedicated to the ideal of the painter’s hard, solitary life, Mr. Resnick was in many ways the popular stereotype of the bohemian angst-ridden artist.


In the introduction to his 2002 collection of interviews and lectures, ”Out of the Picture: Milton Resnick and the New York School,” the artist-critic Geoffrey Dorfman recounts how a young man, recognizing Mr. Resnick on the street,

asked if he might accompany him on his walk. ”Are you a painter?” Mr. Resnick asked. ”No,” the young man replied. ”Then you can’t,” Mr. Resnick said.

In terms of longevity and dedication to first principles, Mr. Resnick might qualify as the last Abstract Expressionist painter. In terms of timing he had some claim to being among the first. Born in the Ukraine in 1917, he emigrated to

New York with his family in 1922 and grew up in Brooklyn. He left home as a teenager when his father forbade him to become an artist.

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