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May 22, 2012

A Burst of Sun

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There is something about the lovely radial pattern that is attractive to our symmetrical eye. The radial pattern is actually comforting and natural to humans because the form can seen so much in nature (think flowers). My favorite kind of mirror happens to be gold gilding – not to say that any other kind of radial mirror is bad – I just seem to prefer it my interiors and in the interiors of others. If you are a follower of Kelly Wearstler, you should know that it is something she uses often in her designs, particularly in hotels. She said that asymmetrical radial mirrors or art pieces remind her of the natural curve of the shell, which is perfect for a sea side shack.

You can use radial mirrors in a variety of ways. The most obvious is right above the mantle on your fireplace, centered and perfect for all the world to see. But if you are looking to get a little outside of the box, consider grouping a set of radial mirrors of different sizes and patterns to create depth and visual interest. Consider replacing that traditional square cut mirror in your powder room with a sun burst shape – below is an example of that from my work and it was a hit. You can also place a radial mirror behind your bed or at the end of a hallway. People have always been fascinated with the visual phenomenon that a mirror can bring, but a sun burst mirror really takes that excitement to the next level. If you don’t need another mirror consider a radial piece of art – they are everywhere these days! If you aren’t in AZ like we are then brighten up your winter months with a burst of sun that you can hang on your wall.

June 14, 2011

Mirror, Mirror…

News flash: Although disco is thankfully dead and gone, mirrored furniture is not. Unfortunately, with many trends in fashion and in the interior design world, when a style is picked up by low budget manufacturers and mass produced, the trend ends immediately. Mirrored furniture, fortunately, has not fallen victim to that tendency. It is really that quality that makes something classic and timeless, and eventually iconic. I just saw an article in Elle Decor talking about the top 10 mirrored furnishings and I thought to myself: How long has mirror been stunning people? The most historic mirror reveal and display was in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles for Louis XIV in France during the Baroque. The making of mirror was a technology that was just being experimented with, and it could only be produced in small sheets and then fitted together. It was also incredibly expensive. However, if you have ever been to the palace of Versailles and seen the Hall of Mirror, then you know kind of optical properties mirror processes and just how it can be used to transform a space. By the end of the Rococo, mirror was replacing natural stones for tables tops as the more luxurious and desired material.

Optical illusion is the key quality that mirror possess; its means to alter the reality of space and form is undeniable. A DIY design tip that you hear again and again, is use mirror to make a space look larger, but it is true! Mirror can make walls fade away, space seem to on for miles, and has an amazing reflective quality that people love. The thing about mirrored furniture that is so appealing is that is can be present and yet practically disappear because it is reflecting space back to the viewer. With the technology that has developed in finishes and treatment of mirror, the possibilities are truly endless From beveling to antiquing, there is no shortage of options. Mirrored furniture is also unique because the furnishing can match any style of home and the mirror simply becomes a finish, therefore making its way into every kind of home decor. It is know for its “glam” quality, but there can be something nostalgic about mirror like a hand-held looking glass, or industrial like a reflective piece of old metal. Basically, if you have ever thought about using a mirrored furnishing but thought that it might be overused, think again. Mirror is something that will be around forever, it is just about finding the right piece for your home.

In being inspired by what I have read, I decided to provide my own mirrored furnishing guide of the best pieces in a variety of price points, that JH LOVES. Please take our inspirations and source them, mirrored furnishings exist in as many different markets.

Nancy Corzine

Arteriors Home

Jean de Merry

Jan Showers

There are many more but these really are the best on the market. Have a great day!



December 28, 2010

Hooray for C. Jere

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. JHI was out of the the office all the last week, but we are happy to get going again in the blogosphere. While doing some holiday gift searching, I stumbled upon Jonathan Adler’s collection/partnership with the company that once was Artisan House to create C. Jere sculpture reproductions. I also remembered a recent article in Elle Decor about the same company, and thought I would post a little something on them.

C. Jere, or Curtis Jere as some people began to say, was not one person, but rather a combination of the names of the two founders. Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler met in the 1940′s and were friends, business partners, and eventually brother-in-laws. They made the perfect team, with Fels as the creative designer and Freiler as the genius manufacturer. They orgionally began producing unique copper jewelry that was popular through the 50′s and 60′s, but after a fire that destroyed their entire manufacturing warehouse, they were forced to start over. In 1964 they established Artisan House, where they designed and sold unique metal sculpture. They were featured in major venues in New York and at Gumps. The designs were outrageous and occasionally bizarre, and the team released about 50 new designs each year.

Now the original work be Fels and Freiler, signed C. Jere, is highly prized and sought after. As I said before, Johnathan Adler has partnered with the company that once was Artisan House and reproduces many of the classics. The sculptures themselves have a lightness and whimsy that is accented by flowing form. Many of their designs have a radial pattern which is favored by Kelly Wearstler. C. Jere is a brand that cannot be denied as an important contribution to home decor, and I can’t wait to keep an eye for more Jere design.

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