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July 25, 2013


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New art crush, MYRON STOUT-I have always loved MONDRIAN and saw a few of STOUT’S paintings and saw a strong resemblance and decided to find out more about him ! Very wonderful works and I thought to introduce him today. I am totally in love with his black and white period.  Of course knowing me, that would be an obvious statement!

I do hope you enjoy this.

Much Love,


Myron Stout was one of those marvelous independent spirits who came of age with

Abstract Expressionism. Abstract Expressionism was big, extravagant and self-obsessed.

Stout’s work was small, intimate and spare. Among midcentury geometric painters like

Burgoyne Diller, Ilya Bolotowsky and Stuart Davis.


A modest, ascetic man of generous disposition, he could appreciate de Kooning

(“the tremendous and vital energy of his struggle,” Stout wrote in his journal)

but declined to feel any influence himself. Instead, his mentor remained Hans Hofmann,

who helped him see how to construct a purely abstract picture, while his great inspiration

was Mondrian, about whom Stout observed that “the tangible and sensational world was still

the raw material for the universality which he would create for himself.”


In other words, Mondrian, like Stout, remained firmly connected to nature and the real world.

His art was never strict, and he slaved over pictures

for months, sometimes years, to produce a richness of surface (with various,

nearly invisible erasures and adjustments) that was both inspired and touching.

Good art, Stout implied, is never quite finished. His contrasts of black and white

or the tension he suggested between not-quite-parallel lines carried the weight of

heroic clashes, although at a glance it all looked utterly simple.


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