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June 9, 2011


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OK, I know.  What do running shoes have to do with interior design? Well actually a lot, as great design can often cross over.  For instance, my new favorite running shoe, which is awesome for walking around or just looking cool, is the Newton sneaker!  It is a totally chic alternative to traditional running shoes, and the philosophy behind them is amazing!

Of course to know me is to know that this is more about what they look like-hot neon-color and acid colors>  In retrospect, I think the whole “Acid Wasp” color palette is washing off on me as I find myself being attracted to all these vibrant colors and thinking how great they look paired with white!  That could also be the fact it is 95 out and definitely summer!

Newtons are part of a running movement that is a proponent of running with a more natural style, akin to barefoot but not quite.  It has to do with runners achieving that barefoot stance so that when your foot hits you strike the forefoot instead of the heel.  It sounds complicated but it is not.  They are super comfortable, I like walking, as being new to them and being used to running where my heel hits first, I was not very graceful on my first tryout.  It takes a bit more coordination, and after being thrown out of ballet at a young age and told to find a different sport, this was akin to my ballet class.  So, for me, they are really pretty!




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