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January 16, 2015


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I saw the work of Philip Guston in an auction catalog and was immediately drawn to it.  The artist had a very difficult childhood, coming to this country at

the early years of the 1900′s,

being Jewish, and having had to face all of the anti-semtitism and re adjustment to a new way of life.  His father wound up hanging himself in a shed, and  Philip

was the one to find him.

America was going through so many changes and advances and Philip had the benedfit, albeit at the time, he didnt see it that way, of being part of the development

of Abstract Expressionism

and mural painting.


“There is something ridiculous and miserly in the myth we inherit from abstract art. That painting is autonomous, pure and for itself, therefore we habitually

analyze its ingredients

and define its limits. But painting is ‘impure’. It is the adjustment of ‘impurities’ which forces its continuity. We are image-makers and image-ridden.” From 1968

onwards he made

these words his motto. In this body of work he created a lexicon of images such as Klansmen light bulbs, shoes, cigarettes, and clocks. His work, in this manner

caught a lot of attetntion, some good some awful  But this work really lead to opening the door to a freedom of expressionism that was not there before.  


Often times we have a tendency to look at paintings as so one dimensional  and when one puts the reasoning and the hisptory of that artist and what led the artist

to that way of painting, then for me, the art has a much more true meaning.


I hope you enjoy this post and have a chance to read about this incredible artist.




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