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January 10, 2011

Modernize Your Stair Railings

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I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and for most students it is back to school! Today I was inspired by a current client and project. Right now we are at the point where we are picking out the design of the grand staircase that she has in her entry way. The client said she wants the stair tread to be the same material as the floor (wood) but she wants the riser and the railing to be white. I think that that is a very typical color answer to railings – white. White stairs definite have had their place in history since they were so popular in the 30′s and 40′s. But now it seems that white stair railings are the safest and simplest solution to the staircase. Again, there is always a time and place for a white staircase and if used correctly, there can be something very elegant and bright about an all white staircase.

However, in many cases, and in the case of my client, houses now often have a touch of modern influence that opens them up to many more design options. This specific home has the classical modern style that I love, so the staircase could go classically white or it could go modern with say… black! Yes black seems to the color that the modern house demands. It seems maybe not as daring as bright red or navy blue, but black is the number one statement color in a modern home. Think about all the railings that you see in traditional homes. White. Okay now think about the the railings that you see in modern and urban environments. Every stairway on the back of old brick apartment buildings in New York are black! It is a very fun and simple way to bring the urban and modern into the home and maintain its classical roots. You don’t have to use rod iron, which is a very common use of black railings. You can just paint that beautiful wood sculpted railing that you already have. But if you are in a position to change out the entire railing consider some glass with your black and you can go super modern. I made the black railing suggestion to my client explaining how it subtly brings out the modern elements of her home and she loves it now. Maybe you can try the same.

This railing has a very urban piping feeling to it that can be fun for a small staircase like this one.

Consider a spiral staircase for that super city look

Can’t commit to all black? Try a little bit of both.

Perfect classical modern example

This a completely modern house and the black looks fabulous.

Another modern example. See how the black and the wood work together?

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