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August 21, 2011


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Happy Sunday! I wish everyone a bit of peace today! This hiking thing has been really effective for gaining perspective and being able to calmly approach everything. A dear friend of mine, who is a professor of philosophy at a major university, has always told me, that if you wait at least ten seconds before responding to something that is troubling you will gain perspective. He also told me that if you have the ability not to answer something until the next day, that too, helps gain perspective. Sitting in yoga classes now, the mantra seems to be, perspective. Interesting, especially for me, as I am the poster girl for type AA

So, Sunday Style. Vicky Tiel, Punk Roots, Summer Scouting and the featured wedding!
Vicky Tiel, I am sure most of the women reading this remember her dresses, and her history as a fashion legend is amazing. When you see the styles, and how sexy and gorgeous they were, and how she trailblazed through the legions of plain and conservative designers. I have many fond memories of her dresses. There is a great play in NYC called , Love, Loss and What I wore. If you haven’t seen it do. Reading this article made me think of that play. Everyone has in their closets clothing and outfits that they can recall wearing to certain events in their lives that were markers. Passages through. Relationships, celebrations. Some we keep to remember some we keep to remind us. I always look at certain pairs of shoes and think where they have walked, as if they went without me!
Ok, Punk Roots, in my journal which is coming out this TUESDAY! So if you haven’t subscribed, you have a chance to, there is a piece on Tip Dye and now Punk Roots. Color is happening at all levels! I know, as I have one daughter with purple tip dyed hair!

Summer scouting, she hit it with some of the hottest pieces, and fall is selling now , which is a great barometer for our country. Even though the image is a bit bleak.
The featured wedding ROCKS!
It’s like reading a short script of a movie. Yey for romance!
Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading and following the blog! I received so many nice emails, please feel free to leave a comment or email directly, Jamie@jamieherzlinger.com

August 14, 2011


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I LOVE today’s section! The article on Plan C could not have been more right on! The part they needed to really drive home is to have the confidence and push through
As a mom of two teenage daughters the “Our Plugged In Summer really held true. There are a lot of fun uses for the contribution of an iPad or the web in family events! If anyone has ever taken a long car ride will attest to!
It seems the number one fashion shoe statement for fall is the peek toe with pattern tights, not quite buying into it. Very 1940′s not sure, tried it this weekend and not convinced.
Wedding section was all good!
Just made a batch of blueberry muffins! New recipe going to share, it includes making a jam to put into the muffin! I tried making two different frittattas today! Talk about torment! Will share that receipe and tips next time!
I hope everyone had the weekend they were hoping for!
Love, Jamie!

August 7, 2011


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Good morning Sunday! So, Kicking off today’s section is all about how a major couture fashion talent , Oliver Theyskens, you remember his stints at with his own collection, Rochas and Nina Rici?
Well, interestingly enough I saw his product, which is now under the corporation run by Andrew Rosen and owned by an Asian firm. The clothes are very clean, along then lines of the Row, but I still love the Row although his pricing is better. I think it is because it is under the Theory brand which for me has a very “just above juniors” look. The article though is a good read. Bill Cunningham does love Audrey Hepburn, and his inspiration for this weeks women in black,
in New
York, for a change, you are thinking!
Then MOST favorite, is about the ” following the ex” but my experience, not mine, but several girlfriends this week, have been torturing themselves as to whether to take the “ex’s” off their Facebook account. Someone needs to write about a book about navigating through relationships when you are over forty and now
especially as everything is so visible because of all of the media outlets we use.
Advice to all the EX’s move along.
Interesting article on women dressing like their daughters and then thinking about Oscar Wildes play Lady Windemere’s Fan
All pretty weddings today, I love it when the story plays out a bit more romantically, more nineteenth century!

Have a Fabulous Sunday!
Love, Jamie

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