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December 2, 2011


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I was in a wonderful hotel recently, very much influenced by  Moroccan style, and noticed that a lot of the upholstered pieces were made with what appeared to be beautiful weavings, brightly colored and very inspiring! I a not one to usually gravitate toward things that are more arts and crafts, but I can tell you that I absolutely fell in love with these weavings!

And they are actually a great compliment to the BOHO cHIC design trend that I am so in love with!

The weavings are called SUZANI!  SUZANI means needlework, but  to most collectors the word is

synonymous with the embroideries of Uzbekistan, in Central Asia.  

In the nineteenth century, Uzbek women produced fabulous embroidered hangings, bed covers, wrapping cloths, table covers and prayer mats for their household and their daughter’s dowries.  As the Soviet Era ended and westerners became more familiar with the finest old Uzbek pieces, prices for antique examples escalated wildly.

The pieces that I saw I have come to understand are new Suzanis that are currently on the market, and the range of quality appears very varied.  there are some stunning exapmles of the new ones, as evidenced but what I saw.

I adore this style and will definitely be using it to do upholstered headboards in the beach house I am working on!

Have a great weekend!



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