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August 24, 2011


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Welcome Valorie! We are so excited to have you join us today! For all of your
readers we have a special gift when they sign up to follow me, and use
The Visual Vamp as their code!

So, let’s get started! Tell us about who you are, what is it about your style
that separates your blog.

Valorie: I am Valorie Hart The Visual Vamp.
I am a blogger for fun. I earn my living as a writer, a stylist, an interior decorator,
and a producer of boutique events. 
OMG I’m Dina Manzo!
Oh no, not really:

I don’t live in New Jersey. But I am an ex New York City girl who now
lives and works from a home base in New Orleans. I am old. Very old.
So I have lots of stories to tell about the interesting life I have lived,
and at last look am still living.

Although I love and post pretty pictures like every other blogger,
I think my blog is quirky and inclusive.  The blog friends I have made
are loyal and true, and I continue to blog to be a part of this crazy web of

relationships where you often never meet people that become involved
in your life in an offbeat meaningful way. Internet social life is still an
amazing phenom to me.

Today I am doing a guest blog post for Jamie.
Don’t you just love guest blog posts? I do! It lets me slack off
for a day or so when someone else writes for me, and  feeds my
greedy blog that needs new material every day.

I wonder what Jamie is doing today, and who’s going to post on
my blog today while I’m over here.
The topic is all about leopard print,  and how leopard crosses from
fashion this season into interior design! 

influences home decor influences fashion -
It’s the amazing full life circle of leopard print

As far as I am concerned leopard has never been out of style,
and I do consider it a neutral. Fashion editors crack me up when they
revive it as the latest trend every couple of years,

like we forgot that it was already trending like a zillion years ago BC,
and like forever and for always. And leopard in home decor has been around forever too.

And who is to say which influences the other, although wearing
a pelt in cave man days might make it the original fashion inspiration for home decor.

An old professor once told me, everything becomes fresh again when
reinterpreted through a new experience. So take it away leopard print!
New again as a fashion trend for Fall 2011, and crossing over to home decor!
Let’s start the slide show – If I don’t give credit for an image it is because
I don’t know where it comes form because I forgot. If it’s yours. let
us know and we will give you props.

Mary McDonald does the best leopard print room ever! And she wears leopard too! Photo via – I would so do this in a room, wouldn’t you? Leopard walls, drapes, upholstery all look so neutral to me, in a fabulous fresh way.
Love this little leopard canopy on the bed of Carolina Herrera. What better way for

the worlds of fashion and home decor to collide! Photo from Domino? Elle Decor??  

Abstracted through her artful eye, animal prints made a strong showing in the Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2011 collection.
Do you see the connection between fashion and home decor?
She ripped that valance off the bed and put it on this skirt!
This time home decor influences fashion! Buy the skirt  HERE
Wall to wall leopard carpet is wonderful
- and I love it on stairs too. This room is by Jeffrey Billhuber.
Don’t these Zanotti leopard print shoes shoes look as soft as that carpet in the Bilhuber room? From Celebrity Heels
Love the leopard print area rug in this Domino style girly office
Do you think this Zanotti leopard clutch design influenced the design of the area rug?

What would The Visual Vamp blog post be without me digging up an old photo from my scrapbook for you to see?

Yes this is me, and yes that is my real hair, which looks a bit like a leopard print don’t you think?

And check out those earrings!I was in a rock band in the 1980′s in New York, and this was my signature 

look which was done by the hair stylist genius  Danilo. who was a my good friend then. Photo by John Delaria.

So that’s my guest blog post for Jamie Herzlinger, whom I adore, and I think is a major design talent. We’d love to hear about your fashion and home decor leopard stories, so don’t be lazy, and do leave a comment.

Also check out me out at Houzz, where I have a shopping idea book of some great leopard home decor products.

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