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July 5, 2011


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HAPPY FIFTH OF JULY!! i hope everyone had a wonderful celebration!

A funny thing happened in recounting to a friend the funniest question or comment from Kips Bay.  OK  The funniest is that a ton of visitors asked about the toilet!

I had no idea that toilets were such a huge conversation and never really considered all the different features that are now available!

When I was working in Artistic Tiles showroom on West 21st Street, and used the ladies room, the toilet that they have in there is called a NEO-REST and basically  does everything but go for you!

The toilet has a heated seat if you would like, Bidet capacity front and back, auto flush, lid opens and closes there were so many things to consider!

The idea of all of this gadgetry for a bodily function actually started in Japan.  High end luxury toilets are the latest in bathroom status symbols!  

Duravit makes an interesting one that is actually very sleek looking by Phillipe Starck called SensoWash.  this toilet has an air dryer and bidet spray like system and an LED night lite!

Now if it could serve a cocktail at the same time I may be interested!



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