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January 28, 2014


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Now that the weather out west is absolutely stunning, and we can once again go outside and light up the bbq, my thoughts go towards landscape.  Topher delay has been a huge inspirational landscape designer to me!

Her work is unparalleled and her love of her craft reads through all of her projects.

When San Francisco artist Topher Delaney begins work on a design for a sanctuary or healing garden, she doesn’t talk plants. She wants to know all about her client’s early childhood, specifically the first six years. With a background as a cultural anthropologist, Delaney believes her work is to tag into what people’s

experiences were at that young age because those years determine where people will proceed in life … and what will provide comfort.

Delaney is personally drawn to places on the edge — the ocean where she now lives, and the wide open spaces at the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming where she lived as a child. She also likes to help people whose lives are on the edge, who are in the midst of change. Her personal experience with breast cancer inspired

her focus on healing gardens as a way to reach out to these people. “It was a turning point,” she says. “I thought, ‘Here I am, how do I make a difference?’ I didn’t set out to make healing gardens. I didn’t even know what they were. I just decided it was important to me to create places for people to decompress.”

The gardens I create or discover with private clients are similar to a short story or, in some instances, a tabloid novel. It’s always a great read. Physical literature I want to reread on a constant basis. Public clients, in some senses,

are similar to private clients in that there is a narrative, which reveals the personality of a community. My challenge is to illuminate the philosophy ,which guides this complex set of values and to develop, in the form of beautiful gardens and environments, complex integrations

which may be interpreted through multiple metaphors.

An interest in creating installations which are both affected by and affecting the terrain extant. I am particularly interested in both the personal interpretation and the personal narrative expressed through the manipulation of land

Creating gardens with others helps me make daily maps of a physical world which, quite frankly, I seem to have less knowledge of as time expands.

I enjoy the social aspects of consideration, and I enjoy the generosity of those with whom I work. I enjoy the fact that each day is the practice of attention to the literal and figurative breath of creation

I hope you are enjoying these experiences!



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