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March 7, 2011


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I have always been in love with venetian mirrors and use them as much as I can! They are elegant and romantic and always lend the rhapsody that we as designers are always looking for, out of one particular piece in a room. Thats always the piece that brings the room together! Don’t be hesitant about using a Venetian mirror in your dining room even if your dining room is very modern. ┬áThat bit of “one off” is a great way to add interest into a room! I always consider Venetian mirrors when designing a bathroom and have several images that I have included to give you some great ideas!
Mirrors have a fascinating history, and by now, you already know that I love history as it winds up in my projects and actually helps me when designing!
Mirrors actually disappeared during the medieval period as they were considered the tool of the devil! Mirrors came back into fashion in the early 15th century, while glassmaking and mirror making was burgeoning in Venice, Italy. The birthplace of the Venetian Mirror! The beauty of Venetian glass was attributed to the salt content fo the ocean water used, the composition of the Italian silica and the type of flame used for firing Venetian glassmakers tried to guard their techniques, but eventually crafty artists form France and Germany infiltrated the artist’s society, and took with them their new found skills.

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