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March 8, 2013

Nothing but White, for Your Bathroom!

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To know me is to know I love nothing more than an all white bathroom!…

The best place to begin is in the bathroom, because there isn’t very much content in a bathroom, (although they are becoming more and more extravagant and taking on more functions than ever before) and is for the most part a relatively small and simple space to work with. Since there are typically few furnishings in a bathroom, the detailing really comes in with the material selection. The best white bathrooms are the ones with white walls, ceiling, counters, and plumbing fixtures and then using the small details that accompany all those things to bring in contrast and specific style.

One material that you cannot go wrong with is white carrara marble. So many people are afraid to use marbles because it is considered a porous stone and has been cursed as easily stained and scratched. However, with modern sealants and mining technology, staining and scratching is very minimal and all wear and tear ADDS to the appearance of a natural stone like marble. It is particularly perfect in bathrooms because you are using less colored liquids and abrasive materials than say, in the kitchen. Once you commit to marble you have to understand that the best looking turn out is when you use all marble, and do not combine it with white ceramic or glass tile. In my opinion, it does not have the same high end look and does not give the natural beauty of the marble justice.  Marble can be expensive but if you use it in 12×12 tiles instead of a slab, it is much more cost effective and still gives you that luxurious feel. If you like the look of a variety of sized tiles, cut the 12×12′s down to smaller pieces and create design and pattern that way. The white marble against white walls emphasizes the natural quality of the stone because the contrast of the veins becomes more prominent. Of course there are many materials that you can use, but the white marble is one of my favorites.

After that consider a high contrast tile pattern on the floor using black or a shade of grey. This also adds a high end look to you interior. Next, look at unique detailing in your mirror, draperies (if you have windows), faucets and cabinetry hardware, small furnishings and other bathroom accessories. The white background allows that gorgeous vintage perfume bottle to be the focal point when in any other bathroom it would be competing for attention. Think about putting some of your more precious or loved trinkets in there, even if you are the only one who sees them. Below are some pictures that show how white bathrooms accommodate beautiful detailing. For your next powder room renovation – think about going white (it is a great reseller as well)!

You all have seen this bathroom of mine before. What is making the statement? The custom cabinetry design, stunning floor, and whimsical window.

This is my bathroom as is the above photo to the right. What is making the statement? The gorgeous wood, unique mirrors, and my vintage perfume bottles.

Showcase all you favorite things!

Beautiful pop of color in the flowers and the stool

LOVE this! Only a white room could give that tub the attention it deserves!

So fresh and so clean


Is it Friday yet? Hope you all are making it through the week – have a good one!

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