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March 11, 2011


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While designing a beach house for a client of mine, my thoughts immediately went to the use of water hyacinth and how fabulous the furniture looks! The furniture will take a beating, go beautifully with my love of Boho, as we all know and at the same time be green, which is a funny comment coming from me and by the way, STUNNING!! I used water hyacinth furniture a  while ago, when on a project in the Carribean and I guess wishing at this time after so many days of rain between New York and Los angles and Scottsdale, my hunger for the sun is definitely driving my selection process of materials!

So,on to the history of water hyacinth!   Water hyacinth is really an ecological nuisance in many parts of South America and Africa.  As well as Thailand and even in some parts of Florida!

But leave it to the French! After the French left Egypt, the British naturalists continued the cultivation of water hyacinth in Egypt. Why would you ask, would someone knowingly cultivate an ecological disaster? Great question.  It appears that Napolean and Josephine were out to create botanical gardens along the nile and loved this plant so much that they over cultivated it?

I totally can embrace that thought!  But, water hyacinth is really used for wonderful things that are actually great additions to design, like fabulous furniture when you need texture.  and great area rugs like ones that i used from Patterson Flynn and Martin!

Think Nancy corzine and donghia, you may find it on-line for less expensive, but it is always good to fill your mental filing cabinet with organic images that can be really functional and very tactile! You can use wicker if you would like if you can’t find water hyacinth as the wicker will give you the same effect!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!


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