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March 28, 2011


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Happy Monday! the weather is so stunning that it is so exiting to think summer is around the corner! Today’s post is on one of my favorite fabrics!


To Toile or not to Toile? Can you ever have too much toile?


Toile, oh my, I have loved this pattern and in fact have written about it before!

But it is having a comeback and can totally be considered part of my love affair with BOHO CHIC!

Toiles when used in black and white are super sophisticated, fun and even cutting edge.  I would not suggest a black and white toile for a Childs room, not even of teen years.  But toile is definitely a grown up pattern!

Toile in black and white can be paired with zebra rugs for a very hot looking guest bedroom!

Toiles in fact are not just for bedrooms! Start to think out of the box! They are great breakfast room fabrics and make super smart home offices and great study and playrooms for girls!

Have a wonderful start to the week! thanks for all the great emails I appreciate the feedback!



November 5, 2010

Draperies as Dessert

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Draperies as dessert? Why not! Gorgeous well done draperies can sweeten up any space. But unfortunately not everyone knows how to achieve that beautiful full curtain look that everyone loves. Whether you are shopping at West Elm or have drapery room, it is important to know what you want and how to communicate to get it.

I am about to let you into the biggest interior design secret in the industry that NO ONE ever tells you. Here it is: do not take the standard width of draperies – triple the width of every drapery treatment. That’s it! No one wants thin draperies – the one place where fat trumps skinny. It is worth three times the cost for full looking sumptuous drapes. Whether you are using a gorgeous tafida silk from Bergamo or panels from West Elm (who has the BEST linens) if you know how to communicate and know the secret you can get what you want. There is never an exemptions of time or place for getting gorgeous interiors.

You know what I am talking about – you go into your friend’s home (or your own home) and think “These draperies are wonderful, but what’s missing?” It’s that full looking floor length panel that gives whimsy to your window. Don’t know how to sew three panels together?  Velcro is my best friend! No one knows when you double stick the hem of your pant line for a last minute party, so no one needs to know the imperfection behind your perfect looking draperies. If you decide to go with a premade panel – attempt removing the gromits for the draperies. If not – make it work. Here are some good and bad examples of skinny vs. full draperies. You decide which one you prefer.

First with BAD

Here is the online advertisement from West Elm for their panels. You can see how one unit of their draperies is NOT ENOUGH. Measure your window width and times by 3!

Love Lonny but yikes – I hope these people never intend to close their drapes because it’s not going to happen.

What’s missing?

Hope you like the sun at 5:00 in the morning

Now to the GOOD

Can you say chocolate mousse in a meringue?

This doesn’t just apply to width measurements – remember your length. It’s the only way to get fabulous balloon curtains.

Hello chocolate almond ghateau!

Stunning white fluffy lemon cake with chocolate ganache filling? Yes please!

Ditch the diet – Go gorgeous!

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